-a A] [a] (grammar, nouns): deriv., suff. diminutive. Added 1984.

-a A] [a] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 1st p. s. (I). Added 1984-1987.

['A] ['a] (grammar, nouns): art. the (sing.). Added 1984-19860316.

ccat ['ACCAT ['atsat] (animals): n. flying insect ("buzzer"), from sa, -s--t. Added 20090206.

accd [A'CCIDO] [at'sido] (together and apart): v. to join. Added 1984-1987.

cc ['atso] (together and apart): v. to gather. Added 1984-1987.

accfi [at'sofi] (together and apart): adj. together. Added 20000330.

accpia [at'sopia] (school and work): n. ISP (gatherer). Added 1998.

ces ['ACS] ['akwEs] (physical): n. embers, glowing embers from a fire; by analogy, things heated until glowing. Added 20091128.

chel ['axEl] (change): n. balance, loosely from chl. Added 20020421.

acrka [A'CIRKA] [a'kwi4kja] (animals): v. sting, stab, puncture with a sharp body part, loosely from crki. Added 20090321.
Example: dsman acrkap'n!.

act [a'kwit] (artifacts): n. bowl. Added 1984-1987.

ads [AD'IS] [a'dis] (animals): n. fur. Added 20070914.

ad [ado] (portentousness): v. to doom. Added 1984-1987.

-adl [a'dol] (comparisons): adj., suff. bad, a bad X, loosely from dli. -adl is used after consonants, -dl after vowels. See also -atl. Added 20070824.

-e [e:E] (grammar, nouns): adj., suff. my, of mine. Added 1984-1987.

-af [afe] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 2nd p. p. (you). Added 1989-1990.

afrec [a'fO4Ek] (location): n. edge. Added 20060302.

ag [a'ga] (manner): adv. suddenly. Added 20040815.

agy [a'gju] (emotions): n. rage. Added 20030529.

ahln [a'Kan] (kinship): n. one's same-sex parent's same-sex parent. Added 20081219.

aja [aZa] (people): n. maiden. Added 1984-1987.

kabal ['akjabal] (weather): n. frost. Added 1984-1987.

akl [a'kjal] (interactions): v. keep, hold, detain, restrain (an animate creature). Added 20090322.

al--a [al a] (comparisons): adj., circf. a young X. Added 20070824.

lacli ['alakli] (comparisons): adj. young. Added 1989-1990.

lacla ['ala'klia] (comparisons): n. young one. Added 20000221.

laclira ['alakli4a] (comparisons): adj. younger. Added 1989-1990.

alahln [ala'Kan] (kinship): n. one's great-grandparent up one's same-sex line of ancestry, from ahln. Added 20081219.

alla [a'lala] (emotions): exc. glory, joy. Added 1984-19860316.

allt [a'lalt] (cosmos): n. wind. Added 1984-1987.

lbai ['albai] (comparisons): adj. equal. Added 1989-1990.

lcar ['alkwa4] (music): n. flute. Added 1984-1987.

lda ['alda] (school and work): n. lunch. Added 1989-1990.

ala [A'LEA] [a'lea] (animals): n. a wing. Added 20070907.

alta [A'LITA] [a'lita] (calendar): n. ceremonial non-solar year, loosely from lta. Added 1984-1987.

alj [al'Zi] (colors): adj. gray. Added 1984-1987.

alma [AL'OMA] [a'loma] (cosmos): n. evening; the early part of the night, from al--a, hm. See also lta. Added 20111215.

alta [AL'TYA] [al'tia] (cosmos): n. morning; the early part of the daytime, from al--a, ta. See also lhma. Added 20111215.

m ['AME] ['ame] (body): n. head. Added 20020422.

ama [A'MEA] [a'mea] (people): n. leader, ruler; king or queen; presider, loosely from may be related to: -ma, m, mpa. Added 20110718 .

mli ['amli] (wh-words): adj. who. Added 20030529.

mpa ['ampa] (space): v. extend vertically (as of tall or deep things). Added 20090322.
Example: tacil mpap'n.

ampia [am'paja] (space): n. height, depth; vertical extent, from mpa, -i, -a. Added 20090322.

-an AN] [an] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. collective plural marker; collective inanimates take singular neuter agreement on the verb; possessors of collectives marked as adjectives instead of with genitive or possessive. -an is used after consonants, -n after vowels. Added 1984.

n ['AN] ['an] (grammar, nouns): art. the (plur.). Added 1984-1987.

ann [a'nane] (kinship): n. one's same-sex parent. Added 20081219.

ncc ['antso] (artifacts): n. gatherer, tool for gathering, from cc, -n-. Added 20090107.

nsi ['anesi] (having): adj. full. Added 20060302.

ank [a'nik] (physical): v. to cut. Added 1984-1987.

anl [a'nile] (music): v. sing. Added 1984-19860316.

anilfia [ANI'LEFIA] [ani'lefia] (music): n. song, story, from anl, -fi, -a. Added 20030529.

ankl [an'kjal] (interactions): v. answer, fulfil, meet a need. Added 20091129.

antl [an'til] (spirit): n. deity, demigod. Added 1984-1987.

ap- [AP [ap] (physical): deriv., pref. prefix meaning a force, event, group composed of the word prefixed to. Added 20090315.

apaksha [APA'KKIA] [apak'Sia] (physical): n. flame, tongue of flame, from ap-, ksha. Added 20090315.

apallt [apa'lalt] (physical): n. gust of wind, from ap-, allt. Added 20090315.

-pat 'APAT] ['apat] (adpositions): adp., suff. beyond, past. -pat is used after consonants, -pt after vowels. Added 20000330.

patari ['APATARI] ['apata4i] (motion): v. fly away, from -apat, tri. Added 20090101.
Example: trrdn patarip't lyndi phltimn..

pati ['APATI] ['apati] (comparisons): adv. far. Added 20000330.

patira ['APATIRA] ['apati4a] (comparisons): adv. farther, further. Added 20000330.

apatv [APA'TIV [apa'tiv] (location): n. distant places, (in) the distance, far away, elsewhere, from -pat, -tv. Added 20090206.
Example: tyalan trisap'n apatvdi..

patlica ['apatlikwa] (motion): v. bring or take far away, from -pat, lic. Added 20090315.

patni ['APATONI] ['apatoni] (physical): v. blow far away, from -pat, tni. Added 20020421.

patvr ['APATVER] ['apatve4] (motion): v. go away, flee, from -pat, vr. Added 20030529.

aplil [apli'El] (physical): n. wave (of water), from ap-, lil. Added 20090315.

r ['AR] ['a4] (pronouns): pron. 1st p. s. (I). Added 1984.

rdr ['ARDRU] ['a4d4u] (calendar): n. month five. Added 1984-1987.

rma ['ARMA] ['a4ma] (kinship): n. one's same-sex child; one's younger same-sex sibling's same-sex child; one's same-sex child's same-sex child. Added 20081219.

-art ART [a4t] (adpositions): adp., suff. about, concerning. Added 20030529.

rtdat ['a4tdate] (language): v. tell (a story), from -art, t. Added 20030529.

rte ['ART] ['a4tE] (animals): n. spiderweb. Added 1984-1987.

artlra [a4te'la4a] (interactions): v. to laugh about. Added 20070904.

artlaraf [ARTELARA'FA] [a4tela4a'fa] (interactions): v. be laughed at, from artlra, -f. Added 20070904.

artlarafsa [ARTELARA'FASA] [a4tela4a'fasa] (comparisons): v. be amusing, be laughable-at, from artlaraf, -sa. Added 20070904.

rtem ['a4tEm] (unclassified): n. interval. Added 1984-1987.

artt [a4'tete] (interactions): v. to mediate. Added 1984-1987.

sa ['ASA] ['asa] (physical): v. buzz. Added 20090206.

-ash ASH] [aS] (adpositions): adp., suff. on. Added 1984-1987.

-ashdi ASHDI] [aSdi] (adpositions): adp., suff. onto. Added 20040815.

ashshr [aS'Si4] (change): v. to grow upon. Added 20040203.

si ['ASI] ['asi] (plants): n. holly berry. See also mta. Added 1984-1987.

ss ['ass] (having): v. to lose. Added 1984-1987.

-t 'AT] ['at] (artifacts): v., suff. to craft something of X material; use to make something. -t is used after consonants, -tt after vowels. Added 20070417.

-atl [a'til] (comparisons): adj., suff. good, a good X, loosely from tli. -atl is used after consonants, -tl after vowels. See also -adl. Added 20070824.

atm [a'tim] (colors): n. gold. Added 1984-1987.

atymtt [atim'tat] (artifacts): v. to craft something of gold. Added 20070417.

tyrr ['atir] (religion): n. ritual. Added 1984-1987.

ayahl [aja'hile] (emotions): n. confidence. Added 1984-1987.

-ba BA] [ba] (adpositions): adp., suff. from. Added 1984-1987.

bb ['BABE] ['babe] (body): n. milk (in baby-talk). See also mb. Added 20101109 .

bla ['BALA] ['bala] (animals): n. luna moth, very big moth. Added 20090505.
Example: gsachilor yilri - blasp'n.

bsa ['BASA] ['basa] (animals): n. sheep. Added 20070828.

-bpi ['bipi] (health): deriv., suff. be itchy in the body part to which it is suffixed. Added 20090209.

-bit [bi'ta] (adpositions): adp., suff. under. Added 1989-1990.

bld- [b'lad] (colors): adj., pref. dark in color. Added 20070824.

-b BO] [bo] (adpositions): adp., suff. despite. -b is used after consonants, -b after vowels. Added 20060302.

blie ['boliE] (plants): n. rose blossom. See also fl. Added 1984-1987.

blta ['bolta] (body): n. finger. Added 20020905.

bltc ['boltek] (body): n. claw, (finger-) nail, talon. Added 20040203.

bltlat [bol'telat] (plants): n. oak ("finger-leaf"). Added 20020905.

bnnt ['bOnent] (artifacts): n. hammer, club ("hitter"), from bnt, -n-. Added 20090107.

bnt ['bOnte] (physical): v. hit. Added 20040321.

brarliel [BRARILI'L] [b4a'4iliEl] (weather): n. rain, loosely from brrit, lil. Added 1984-1987.

bd ['BUDU] ['budu] (body): n. feces, poop (baby talk), loosely from mispronunciation of blj. Added 20140311.
Example: bdc d, to poop.

blt [bu'le:te] (seasons): n. harvest. Added 1984-1987.

blj ['bulZ] (perception): n. smell, unpleasant or strong odor, stink, stench. Added 20070815.

blo ['BUL] ['bulO] (animals): n. gill of a fish. Added 20070912.

bral [bu4a'lo] (perception): v. to look down, watch something below. Added 20040203.

brrit [bu'4a4it] (motion): v. fall, go down, descend. See also cilidt. Added 1984-1987.

-c C [k] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. accusative case ending. -ic is used after consonants, -c after vowels. Added 1984-1987.

cda ['CADA] ['kwada] (animals): n. a tail. Added 20070914.

cla ['kwala] (unclassified): v. to happen to, to befall. Added 20040811.

calpia [CA'LAPIA] [kwa'lapia] (unclassified): n. happening; befalling, the befalling OF something TO someone, from cla, -pi, -a. Added 20040811.

calat [kwala'te] (language): v. recount happenings, tell a history, from cla, t. Added 20070728.

cl ['kwale] (body): n. blood (archaic). Added 1984-1987.

calaty [CA'LEATY] [kwa'leati] (body): n. flesh. Added 20050122.

calkmifap [CALE'KAMIFAP [kwale'kjamifap] (animals): n. mosquito ("blood-gnat"), from cl, kmifap. Added 20020905.

cllm ['CALELOM ['kwalelom] (food): n. meat. Added 20050122.

clmad ['kwalemadu] (body): n. menstrual period, from cl, -mad. Added 20070816.
Example: yirdria calmdki: PMS.

calnpa [CALE'NEPA] [kwale'nepa] (animals): n. tick ("blood-parasite"). Added 20020905.

cli ['CALI] ['kwali] (colors): adj. red, from cl, -i. Added 20040806.

calimd [CALI'MODO] [kwali'modo] (animals): n. ladybug beetle, from cli, md. Added 20090206.
Example: calimd clisp'n..

clpa ['kwalpa] (grammar): interj. questioning word. Added 1984-1987.

cnj ['kwanZ] (geography): n. north. Added 20020421.

cr ['kwa4] (change): v. to complete. Added 1984-1987.

carambdi [CARAM'BDI] [kwa4am'bEdi] (plants): n. ivy, evergreen creeper of some sort. Added 20040806.

crt ['kwa4to] (geography): n. chart. Added 1989-1990.

csa ['kwasa] (motion): v. go quickly, hurry, rush. See also dna. Added 20070730.

cshi ['CASHI] ['kwaSi] (physical): adj. wet on its surface, dripping. See also kli, sri. Added 20070816.

csit ['CASIT ['kwasit] (animals): n. ant, from csa. Added 20081230.

-cc 'CAC] [t'sa] (comparisons): adj., suff. inherently hot, an inherently hot X. -cc is used after consonants, -cc after vowels. See also -kl. Added 20070824.

ccpa ['CCIPA] [t'sipa] (physical): v. boil something in liquid. Added 20100909 .

-c CE] [kwe] (adpositions): adp., suff. postpositional version of kep. Added 20070127.

cl ['CL ['kwEl] (plants): n. lily of the valley. Added 198604.

cnlit ['kwEnlit] (wh-words): n. which litnca. Added 1984-1987.

chkapa ['XAKAPA] ['xakjapa] (food): n. oven. Added 20050122.

chri ['XARI] ['xa4i] (food): adj. bitter (to the taste). Added 20090321.

ch ['XE] ['xe] (physical): v. radiate (light or heat). Added 20140304.

chl ['xEl] (change): v. to stay, to remain the same. Added 20020421.

chelpia [X'LAPIA] [xE'lapia] (change): n. stasis, from chl, -pi, -a. Added 20020421.

chelt [xE'lEt] (change): n. preservation. Added 1984-1987.

chmbel ['XMBL ['xEmbEl] (calendar): n. festival, holiday. Added 1984-1987.

cht ['xEt] (having): n. hoarding. Added 1984-1987.

chva ['xeva] (perception): v. to smell something. Added 20070815.

chvia [XE'VAIA] [xe'vaja] (perception): n. sense of smell, from chva, -i, -a. Added 20070815.

chrr ['XIR] ['xir] (animals): n. cricket. Added 20020905.

chsti ['xisti] (states): v. to be clean. Added 20020421.

chistid [XISTI'DA] [xisti'da] (physical): v. wash, from chsti, -d. Added 20020421.

chistpia [XIS'TIPIA] [xis'tipia] (states): n. cleanliness, from chsti,-pi, -a. Added 20020421.

cidf [kwi'dof] (together and apart): v. to meet. Added 1984-1987.

cidpia [kwi'dopia] (together and apart): n. meeting, coming together. Added 20000221.

cili- [kwili] (grammar, verbs): adv., pref. upward (modifies verbs), from cilidt. Added 20040203.

cli ['kwili] (time): adv. forever. Added 1984-1987.

cilidaty [CILI'DEATY] [kwili'deati] (mind): n. thought, consciousness (formal), from cilidt, aty. See also lidia. Added 1984-1987.

cilidatmi [CILIDEA'TYMI] [kwilidea'timi] (mind): adj. thoughtful, from cilidaty, -mi. Added 1984-1987.

clidikab ['CILIDIKAB ['kwilidikjab] (plants): n. mushroom, loosely from cilidt, kablit (for whiteness). Added 20020905.

cilidt [kwili'dit] (motion): v. rise, go up, ascend. See also brrit. Added 1984-19860316.

cililtia [CILI'LATIA] [kwili'latia] (plants): n. an evergreen, from cli, lti, -a. Added 20020905.

cilil [kwili'lo] (perception): v. to look up, watch something above. Added 20040203.

cilipccat [CILI'PACCAT [kwili'patsat] (animals): n. leaper, jumper; grasshopper, from cilipsa, -s--t. Added 20090322.
Example: cilipccatan lirampiali cilipsap'n!.

cilipsa [kwili'pasa] (motion): v. leap, jump, from cili-, psa. Added 20040203.

cilishr [kwili'Si4] (change): v. to grow up, spring up. Added 20040203.

clit ['kwilit] (motion): v. rise, go up, ascend, loosely from shortening of cilidt. Added 1984-1987.

cilitla [kwili'tala] (motion): v. bound along, run leaping, from cili-, tla. Added 20040203.

cilit [kwili'te] (interactions): v. honor, respect; lit. "speak up", from cili-, t. Added 20070127.

cltiri ['kwilti4i] (time): adj. expected soon. Added 20060302.

clv ['kwilve] (motion): v. come, approach, arrive. Added 1984-1987.

cmi ['kwimi] (artifacts): adj. artificial, chemical. Added 20070417.

cmia ['CIMIA] ['kwimia] (artifacts): n. plastic, from cmi, -a. Added 20070417.

cimyt [kim'jat] (artifacts): v. to craft something of plastic; to fabricate in a factory. Added 20070417.

cnti ['CINTI] ['kwinti] (having): n. container; any sort of box, bag, etc., from cti, -n-. Added 1984-1987.

cir [CIR] [kwi4] (adpositions): adp. in. Added 1984.

cra ['kwi4a] (motion): v. come into, go into, enter. Added 1984-1987.

crda ['kwi4da] (artifacts): n. wall. Added 1984-1987.

crki ['kwi4ki] (physical): v. stab, puncture, spear. Added 20090321.

cti ['CITI] ['kwiti] (having): v. hold, contain. Added 1984-1987.

citicn [kwiti'kon] (school and work): n. locker. Added 1989-1990.

cla ['klia] (wh-words): adv. which force. Added 1984-1987.

clilri [C'LILIRI] [kli'li4i] (time): adv. long (time). Added 20020422.

clintiri [CLI'NETIRI] [kli'neti4i] (time): adj. recent, loosely from cli from cltaf, ntiri. Added 20060302.

clinpi [kli'nipi] (time): adv. short (time). Added 20060302.

clpat ['klipat] (time): v. to last, to endure. Added 20060302.

cliptari [CLI'PATARI] [kli'pata4i] (time): adj. long-ago, from NA. Added 20060302.

cltaf ['klitaf] (time): n. time. Added 1984-1987.

c ['CO] ['ko] (location): n. center, heart. Added 20070127.

cco ['COC] ['kokO] (animals): n. chicken. Added 20070828.

cm ['COM ['kom] (basics): n. thing, matter; serves as an empty noun base. Added 20080424.
Example: cshcm: an easy thing; lcm, a hard thing.

cpli [ko'pili] (kinship): n. boy's (marriageable) female cross-cousin via jajra. Added 20081219.

cp ['COPO] ['kopo] (physical): v. intrans. break, suddenly and perhaps accidentally; shatter; pop. Added 20131002.

cpd [COPO'DA] [kopo'da] (physical): v. trans. break into pieces (shatter, pop) deliberately, from cp, -d. Added 20131002.

cra ['CORA] ['ko4a] (animals): n. goat. Added 20070914.

cr ['ko4u] (emotions): n. fear. Added 20060302.

csh- [COSH [koS] (comparisons): adj., pref. easy, soft, easily worked. See also l-. Added 20070824.

cshcm [koS'kom] (comparisons): n. easy thing, soft thing, from csh-, cm. Added 20080424.

coshia [CO'SHEIA] [kO'Seja] (comparisons): n. ease, from cosh-, s, -i, -a. Added 20080424.

ctrr [ko'tir] (plants): n. crocus. Added 1984-19860316.

c ['CU] ['ku] (physical): v. be open. Added 20121202.

cr [ku'a4u] (together and apart): v. to withdraw. Added 1984-1987.

cr [ku'e4] (artifacts): v. to braid or ply; to twist. Added 20070417.

cl ['CULU] ['kulu] (food): n. root vegetable native to the mrchi continent, similar to (non-native) parsnips; also used to refer to carrots. Added 20100922.
Example: clu cli ("red clu"): carrot.

-cm CUM [kum] (adpositions): adp., suff. in. Added 1984-1987.

-cr CUR] [ku4] (adpositions): adp., suff. across. Added 20081118.

crgla [ku4'gela] (motion): v. to go across (as walking or riding across a bridge - emphasis on the going), from -cr, gla. See also crvr. Added 20081118.

crt [CU'RIT [ku'4it] (artifacts): n. gate, door, from c, rt. Added 20131002.

crvr [ku4've4] (motion): v. to cross (as crossing a border, or crossing a figurative line - emphasis on the crossing), from -cr, vr. See also crgla. Added 20081118.

d- [D [d] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. obligative mood prefix. d- is used before consonants, d- before vowels. Added 1984-1987.

-d 'DA] ['da] (grammar, verbs): deriv., suff. makes verb causative. Added 20020421.

-da DA] [da] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 2nd p. s. (you). Added 1984-1987.

d ['DA] ['da] (basics): v. to cause. Added 1984-1987.

df ['daf] (pronouns): pron. 2nd p. s. (you). Added 1984.

dfan ['dafan] (pronouns): pron. 2nd p. p. (y'all). Added 1984.

di ['dai] (comparisons): adj. positive. Added 1984-1987.

dila ['daila] (comparisons): adj. proper. Added 1984-1987.

dl ['dal] (pronouns): pron. 2nd p. p. (you). Added 1989-1990.

dlm ['dalme] (emotions): n. peace, serenity. Added 1984-1987.

dl ['dalo] (body): n. foot. Added 20080322.

daml [da'mul] (kinship): n. girl's (marriageable) male cross-cousin via dn; girl's (marriageable) dn. Added 20081219.

dna ['dana] (motion): v. go slowly, amble, dawdle, tarry. See also csa. Added 20070730.

drm ['da4m] (mind): v. wish. Added 1984-1987.

dla ['dela] (motion): v. leave, depart, go away from. Added 1984-1987.

dlachn [DELA'XON] [dela'xon] (animals): n. dragon. Added 1984-1987.

dlfia [DE'LAFIA] [de'lafia] (having): n. remnant; what is left, what remains, from dla, -fi, -a. Added 20020421.

dlche ['dElxE] (cosmos): n. earth. Added 1984-1987.

dell [dE'lil] (artifacts): n. clay. Added 20070417.

del [dE'lu] (cosmos): n. rock, stone , loosely from dlch, earth. Added 20030507.

delt [dElu'at] (artifacts): v. to craft something of stone (carved, not built). Added 20070417.

dm [DM ['dEm] (states): v. be as expected; be normal, ordinary, usual; confirm one's expectations; transpire in an unsurprising way. See also km. Added 20130930.

dmi [DM ['dEmi] (states): adj. normal, ordinary, usual; as expected; unsurprising, from dm, -i. See also kmi. Added 20130930.

dmis [DMISO] ['dEmiso] (states): v. appear normal, ordinary, usual; act as expected; conform, from dm, -i, -s. See also kmis. Added 20130930.

dn ['dEne] (kinship): n. boy's father's older sister; girl's mother's older sister. Added 20081219.

dnti ['DNTI] ['dEnti] (artifacts): n. counting tool, abacus, from dti, -n-. Added 20100914.

dti ['DTI] ['dEti] (unclassified): v. count. Added 20100914.

-di DI] [di] (adpositions): adp., suff. at, to (locative). Added 1984-1987.

diri [di'E4i] (having): v. to have. Added 1989-1990.

diltt [dil'tat] (artifacts): v. to craft something of clay. Added 20070417.

dipri [DI'PARI] [di'pa4i] (emotions): v. to want, to desire. Added 20000509.

dipripi [DI'PARIPI] [di'pa4ipi] (comparisons): adj. wanting, desiring; eager, enthusiastic, from dipri, -pi. Added 20040815.

ds ['DISO] ['diso] (space): v. be located at, from -di, -s. Added 20050122.

disd [DISO'DA] [diso'da] (space): v. put, place (something in a location), from ds, -d. Added 20050122.

d- [DO [do] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. obligative mood prefix. d- is used before consonants, d- before vowels. Added 1984-1987.

dba ['doba] (school and work): n. problem. Added 1989-1990.

dda ['DODA] ['doda] (physical): v. tap, beat, drum; hit in order to make a noise. Added 20040809.

ddv [do'div] (location): n. corrupt & polluted world. Added 1984-1987.

dgaki ['dogaki] (portentousness): adj. dangerous, harmful. Added 20040815.

dki ['doki] (portentousness): adj. forbidden. Added 1984-1987.

dkikr ['doki'kjO4] (artifacts): n. yellow "keep out" tape. Added 20000330.

-dl 'DOL ['dol] (comparisons): adj., suff. bad, a bad X, loosely from dli. -adl is used after consonants, -dl after vowels. See also -tl. Added 20070824.

dlt [do'lete] (emotions): v. apologize for a wrong one has committed, from drlri, t. Added 20070127.

dli ['doli] (comparisons): adj. bad. See also tli. Added 20070824.

dlia ['dolia] (emotions): n. sorrow, from dli, -a. Added 20081118.

dll ['dolle] (emotions): excl. I'm sorry/I was wrong, from dri, ll. Added 20070127.

dlon ['dolOn] (portentousness): n. doom. Added 1984-1987.

dlnia [do'lOnia] (portentousness): n. tragedy. Added 20040815.

dmla [DO'MALA] [do'mala] (interactions): v. harm someone, hurt someone. See also tymla. Added 20110718 .

dmalah [DOMALA'HE] [domala'he] (interactions): v. attack; strike at; oppose; move against, from dmla, -h. Added 20110718 .

dn ['DON] ['don] (cosmos): n. darkness; metaphorically, evil. Added 1984.

dn ['DN] ['dOn] (kinship): n. one's mother's younger brother; one's father's younger sister. Added 20081219.

-dna ['dOna] (kinship): n., suff. added to a kinship title, designates that person's (junior) spouse. Added 20081219.

dni ['DONI] ['doni] (comparisons): adj. dark, from dn, -i. Added 1984-1987.

dri ['do4i] (comparisons): adj. the wrong way, in the wrong. See also tri. Added 20070127.

dria ['do4ia] (emotions): n. guilt, from dri, -a. Added 20070127.

dris ['do4iso] (interactions): v. to be wrong, from dri, -s. Added 20081118.

drlri [DOR'LERI] [do4'le4i] (emotions): v. feel one has done wrong, feel sorry, from dri, lri. Added 20070127.

drlria [DOR'LERIA] [do4'le4ia] (emotions): n. feeling of guilt, from drlri, -a. Added 20070127.

dsa ['DOSA] ['dosa] (numbers): num. fifteen. Added 1984-1987.

dtva [do'tava] (interactions): v. curse, wish bad fortune upon, from d-, tva. See also tytva. Added 20070127.

dvi ['dovi] (comparisons): adj. cruel, unkind. See also tvi. Added 20040203.

drm ['d4om] (weather): n. thunder. Added 1984-1987.

dsm [D'SIM [d'sim] (animals): n. bee (which fertilizes flowers and can sting). Added 20081230.
Example: dsman lthianpr littp't.

-dr 'DUR] ['du4] (emotions): v., suff. be anxious about X; worry about X. Added 20070816.
Example: yirdria calmdki: PMS; calmaddria: anxiety about one's period; yirdria mmi: anxiety of being a mom; mamiadria: anxiety about motherhood; mamdria: anxiety over one's mother.

dla ['e dla] (together and apart): exc. goodbye. Added 1984-1987.

- E] [e] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. perfective aspect (after consonants). Added 1984-1987.

- E] [e] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 3rd p. s. m. (he). Added 1984-1987.

'E] ['e] (basics): v. empty verb base; tends to merge with prefixes, giving them its stress and disappearing. Added 20081212.
Example: sa, s, h, ksa, kah, l.

a 'EA] ['ea] (basics): v. exist, be (intrans.). Added 1984-19860316.

acn [ea'kwin] (geography): n. valley. Added 1984-1987.

cl [e'akle] (wh-words): adv. now. Added 1984-1987.

hlir E'AHLIR] [e'aKi4] (wh-words): adv. for this reason; because of this. Added 20140311.

lic [e'alik] (wh-words): adv. this force. Added 1984-1987.

lif [e'alif] (wh-words): adv. here. Added 1984-1987.

lis [e'alis] (wh-words): adv. this way (method). Added 1984-1987.

am ['eam] (states): v. a slurred form of ap'n. Added 20040806.
Example: see "alla cililtian".

mli [e'amlio] (wh-words): adj. this. Added 1984-19860316.

pm [e'apem] (wh-words): adj. this person. Added 20030529.

pi [e'api] (states): adj. existing, from a, -pi. Added 1984-1987.

ten [e'atEn] (wh-words): n. this litnca. Added 1984-1987.

tli [e'atli] (wh-words): adv. this manner, these conditions, these circumstances. Added 1984-1987.

aty ['eati] (basics): n. life, living creature(s), all living things, from a, ty-. Added 1984-19860316.

atmi [ea'timi] (states): adj. alive, living, from aty, -mi. Added 1984-1987.

-cc E'CCA] [et'sa] (comparisons): adj., suff. inherently hot, an inherently hot X. -cc is used after consonants, -cc after vowels. See also -ikl. Added 20070824.

ch ['X] ['Ex] (plants): n. apple tree. See also fl. Added 1984-1987.

ch ['Exe] (weather): n. heat. Added 1984-1987.

echln [Exe'lin] (seasons): n. summer; lyn chki. Added 20040806.

chi ['XI] ['Exi] (weather): adj. hot, from ch, -i. Added 20050122.

echid [Exi'da] (physical): v. heat (something) up, from chi, -d. Added 20050122.

d [DE] ['Ede] (plants): n. seedpod of the pussywillow bush. See also tf. Added 198604.

dek ['EdEk] (plants): n. cherry tree. See also kpi. Added 198604.

del ['EdEl] (time): n. tomorrow. Added 1989-1990.

d ['edo] (wh-words): adv. this way. Added 1984-1987.

efd [E'fad] (plants): n. violet plant and flower. Added 198604.

fi ['efi] (people): n. someone. Added 20030529.

fol ['FL] ['EfOl] (animals): n. rabbit, loosely from fl. Added 20020420.

h E'HE] [e'he] (basics): v. to try (to do something), from , -h. Added 20081212.

l ['L] ['El] (perception): v. to see. Added 1984-1987.

lat ['elat] (plants): n. leaf. Added 1984-1987.

ldat ['Eldate] (language): v. to acknowledge something, from l, t. Added 20070127.

eldatfia [LDA'TEFIA] [Elda'tefia] (emotions): n. apology, award, thanks, acknowledgement, from ldat, -fi, -a. Added 20070127.

lt [EL'IT] [e'lit] (animals): n. swan. Added 1984-1987.

ll ['Elle] (emotions): excl. sorry/thanks, from eldatfia. Added 20070127.

lsa ['LSA] ['Elsa] (perception): v. be able to see, from l, -sa. Added 20040811.

eltren [El'tE4En] (mind): v. recognize; know it when you see it, from l, tren. Added 20090101.
Example: fshnic ciliditpi k'eltrenv'da..

mpa ['Empa] (plants): n. box-elder tree. See also flta. Added 198604.

nch ['Enxe] (comparisons): adj. half. Added 1984-1987.

end [N'D] [E'nEd] (cosmos): n. sun. Added 1984-1987.

-nt 'NET] ['Enet] (adpositions): adp., suff. near. -nt is used after consonants, -nt after vowels. Added 20060302.

entv [Ene'tiv] (location): n. environs, places nearby; used in statements about weather, from -nt, -tv. Added 20090202.
Example: entv tial chisp'n.

nl [EN'IL] [e'nil] (calendar): n. month three. Added 1984-1987.

enn [En'nu] (emotions): v. to yearn. Added 1984-1987.

errerr [ErEr] (perception): v. to echo. Added 1984-1987.

sa 'ESA] ['esa] (states): v. be possible, from , -sa. Added 20081212.

sia [e'saja] (states): n. possibility, from sa, -i, -a. Added 20080424.

sel ['EsEl] (kinship): n. girl's paternal grandmother. Added 20081219.

eseln [EsE'lane] (kinship): n. girl's great-grandmother via paternal grandmother, from sel. Added 20081219.

shir ['eSi4e] (plants): n. fruit, seed, loosely from shr. Added 20020905.

slet ['SLT ['EslEt] (people): n. seer, one who sees or watches or whose job it is to see or watch, from l, -s--t. Added 20101130 .

s 'ESO] ['eso] (basics): v. to be (trans.), from , -s. Added 1984-1987.

sli [e'soli] (comparisons): adj. like. Added 1984-1987.

srmursa [e'su4m@4'sea] (mind): n. dreams. Added 1984-1987.

-et T] [Et] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. countable plural for nouns ending in consonants. Added 1984-1987.

tyi [e'teji] (kinship): n. boy's mother. Added 20081219.

tial ['etial] (time): n. today. Added 1989-1990.

-v EVU] [evu] (mental): v., suff. to find something to be X; when passive, to seem to be X. -v is used after consonannts, -v after vowels. Added 20070904.
Example: artlarafsav: to find to be laughable; cshmltv: to find to be easy.

-f 'FA] ['fa] (grammar, verbs): deriv., suff. makes verb passive. Added 20020421.

-fa FA] [fa] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 1st p. p. (we). Added 1984-1987.

fla ['FALA] ['fala] (food): n. dough, batter. Added 20050122.

fld ['falde] (emotions): n. love. Added 1984-1987.

fldi ['faldio] (people): n. friend. Added 1989-1990.

fl ['fale] (emotions): v. to love. Added 1984-1987.

fm ['FAM ['fam] (physical): n. power. Added 20070127.

fn ['fan] (pronouns): pron. 1st p. p. (we). Added 1984.

f- ['FE ['fe] (colors): adj., pref. light in color. Added 20070824.

flf ['fElfo] (plants): n. daffodil. Added 198604.

fmari ['fEma4i] (comparisons): adj. beautiful. Added 1984-1987.

femria [fE'ma4ia] (comparisons): n. beauty, from fmari, -a. Added 20000221.

fmaritrcfia [FMARITER'CIFIA] ['fEma4ite4'kwifia] (language): n. calligraphy, from fmari, trcfia. Added 1989-1990.

fn [fe'ne] (kinship): n. one's mother's younger sister; one's father's younger brother. Added 20081219.

fsh ['fES] (plants): n. forsithia blossom. See also thshav. Added 198604.

fti ['fEti] (plants): n. flower known as "whiteclusters". Added 198604.

-fi FI] [fi] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. passive participle. -fi is used after vowels, -ifi after consonants. Added 1984-1987.

fd ['fide] (school and work): v. to work. Added 1989-1990.

fidfia [FI'DEFIA] [fi'defia] (school and work): n. job, work; task, from fd, -fi, -a. Added 1998.

fl ['file] (plants): n. apple blossom. See also ch. Added 1984-1987.

fli ['fili] (location): n. place. Added 1984-1987.

flta ['flEta] (plants): n. box-elder blossom. See also mpa. Added 198604.

fl [F'LI] ['fli] (plants): n. rosebush. See also blie. Added 1984-1987.

-f FO] [fo] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 2nd p. p. (you). Added 1984-1987.

fam ['foam] (light effects): v. to shine. Added 1989-1990.

fl ['fOli:] (cosmos): n. moon. Added 1984-1987.

fra ['FRA] ['fO4a] (together and apart): v. separate from, part from. Added 1984-1987.

fori [F'RAI] [fO'4ai] (together and apart): adj. separate, apart, from fra, -i. Added 20020421.

foria [F'RAIA] [fO'4aja] (together and apart): n. separation, difference: the difference between..., from fori, -a. Added 20040811.
Example: tatra te dntra foria.

foralri [FRA'LERI] [fO4a'le4i] (emotions): v. feel separated, abandoned, lost, out-of-the-loop, or alone, from fra, lri. Added 20081205.

franik ['FRANIK] ['fO4anik] (together and apart): v. cut apart, break apart, from fra, ank. Added 20040321.

forpia [F'RAPIA] [fO'4apia] (together and apart): n. separation, parting, from fra, -pi, -a. Added 20020421.

frapt ['FRAPOT ['fO4apot] (space): v. divide a space, from fra, pt. Added 20081118.

foraptpia [FRAPO'TIPIA] [fO4apo'tipia] (space): n. border, fault line, crack, from frapt, -ipi, -a. Added 20081118.

frn ['fO4n] (weather): n. snow. Added 1984-1987.

frnkes ['FRNKS ['fO4nkEs] (weather): n. snowflake, from frn, -kes. Added 20000330.

f [fu'e] (weather): n. large, white, lazy cloud; nonthreatening cumulus cloud. Added 1984-1987.

fi ['FUI] ['fui] (colors): adj. white, loosely from f. Added 20050122.

fid [FUI'DA] [fui'da] (physical): n. bleach, whiten, from fi, -d. Added 20100913 .

fidfia [FUI'DAFIA] [fui'dafia] (physical): n. bleached or whitened thing, from fi, -d, -fi, -a. Added 20050122.

flma ['fulma] (spirit): n. patron deity. Added 1984-1987.

fnon ['funOn] (kinship): n. one's same-sex younger sibling; one's same-sex older sibling's same-sex child. Added 20081219.

fshn [fu'Sin] (seasons): n. mild season; equinoctial season; spring or fall. Added 1984-19860316.

galt [GA'LAT [ga'lat] (plants): n. tea shrub, Camellia sinensis, loosely from gn, lt. Added 20101008 .

galti [GA'LATI] [ga'lati] (plants): adj. of or pertaining to Camellia sinensis, from galt, -i. Added 20101008 .

galtia [GA'LATIA] [ga'latia] (food): n. tea the drink, brewed tea, from galt, -i, -a. Added 20101008 .

gn ['gan] (body): v. to wake. Added 1984-1987.

ganki [GA'NAKI] [ga'naki] (animals): n. some sort of clawed lizard. Added 20040322.

gta ['GATA] ['gata] (food): n. walnut. Added 20050122.

-g GE] [ge] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. possessive. Added 1984-1987.

gla ['gela] (motion): v. go (proceed, walk, ride); refers to the physical process of going. See also vr. Added 20000330.

glata [GE'LEATA] [ge'leata] (animals): n. animal. Added 20060302.

glaty [GE'LEATY] [ge'leati] (animals): n. animal life. Added 20060302.

grod ['GERD ['ge4Od] (animals): n. dog. Added 20070828.

gs ['GESE] ['gese] (animals): n. pig. Added 20040321.

gva ['geva] (body): n. leg. Added 20060302.

gl ['GILU] ['gilu] (animals): n. goose. Added 1984-1987.

gn ['GON] ['gon] (physical): v. touch, contact; be adjacent to. See also shp. Added 20131002.

gpa ['GOPA] ['gopa] (animals): n. cow. Added 20070828.

grs [g'4os] (emotions): n. sadness. Added 20000509.

gkh [gu'ax] (physical): v. to pull or draw. Added 20070802.

gkha ['guxa] (artifacts): n. wire (something drawn), from gkh. Added 20070802.

gkhatt [guxa'tat] (artifacts): v. to craft of wire (as machinery), from gkha, -tt. Added 20070802.

gnri ['gun4i] (artifacts): n. whisk, mixer, from gri, -n-. Added 20090107.

gri ['GURI] ['gu4i] (together and apart): v. mix, combine, stir. Added 20050122.

grfia [GU'RIFIA] [gu'4ifia] (together and apart): n. mixture, from gri, -fi, -a. Added 20050122.

gta ['GUTA] ['guta] (plants): n. hollow reed. Added 20100914.

g---r [gu 'u4] (grammar, nouns): adj., circf. augmentive (nouns); first vanishes before vowels; second blends w/preceding vowel. Added 20070824.
Example: khr gives gkhrr.

hca ['hakwa] (physical): v. to burn. Added 20020421.

hahki [ha'haki] (comparisons): adj. funny (in baby talk). Added 20070904.

hka ['HAKA] ['hakja] (animals): n. rattlesnake. Added 20130714.
Example: hka kahahkisp'n t ttp't trrdn!.

haksht [hak'Sut] (health): v. cough. Added 20090202.

hla ['HALA] ['hala] (basics): v. to do. Added 20040321.

hlasa ['halasa] (states): v. to be doable, to be feasible (of a task or plan), from hla, -sa. Added 20081212.

halasia [hala'saja] (states): n. doability, from hlasa, -i, -a. Added 20080424.

halat [hala'te] (language): v. recount deeds; tell a biography, from hla, t. Added 20070728.

hld ['HALDE] ['halde] (calendar): n. month two. Added 1984-1987.

hli ['hali] (time): adj. next, subsequent, later. Added 20090107.

hliri ['hali4i] (time): adj. last, from hli, -liri. Added 1984-1987.

hri ['ha4i] (comparisons): adj. wide, spread out. Added 20050122.

harid [HARI'DA] [ha4i'da] (space): v. spread (something) out, widen, from hri, -d. Added 20050122.

hva ['hava] (perception): n. savory scent (cooking, garlic). Added 20070815.

-h 'HE] ['he] (grammar, verbs): deriv., suff. attemptive: to try to. Added 20060302.

hch ['hex] (comparisons): adv. than. Added 1984-1987.

hli ['hEli] (colors): adj. pale. Added 20070927.

hmnt ['hemont] (spirit): n. demigod, spirit. Added 1984-1987.

hr- [HER [he4] (comparisons): adj., pref. wide. See also shen-. Added 20070827.

hra ['he4a] (comparisons): adv. also. Added 20030529.

hirpia [hi'4ipia] (perception): n. revelation, loosely from jrr, -ipi, -a. Added 1984-1987.

-hl- HL [K] (grammar, verbs): adv., inf. optative infix. Added 1984-1987.

-hla HLA] [Ka] (adpositions): adp., suff. after (temporal). See also -tep. Added 20090101.
Example: sthet lryira elfsap't briahla sintn..

hlt ['KEt] (change): v. fade, dim. Added 1984-1987.

hl ['HLI] ['Ki] (body): v. drink. Added 20101012.

hlfia ['HLIFIA] ['Kifia] (body): n. beverage, something to drink, from hl, -fi, -a. Added 20101012.

hcn [ho'kwan] (location): n. tower. Added 20060302.

hci ['hokwi] (space): v. to reach. Added 1984-1987.

hfm [ho'fame] (body): n. shoulder (arm-head). Added 20060302.

hf ['hofe] (body): n. arm. Added 20060302.

hfrm [HOFE'REM [hofe'4em] (body): v. hug, embrace, from hf, rm. Added 20140307.

hm ['hom] (cosmos): n. night. Added 1984-1987.

hvar ['hova4] (cosmos): n. daytime. Added 1984-1987.

hrk ['4_0ik] (weather): n. ice (informal). See also kabalt. Added 1984-1987.

hr ['4_0o] (wh-words): adv. wherefore. Added 20040203.

hr ['HRO] ['4_0o] (wh-words): adv. why; for which reason. Added 1984-1987.

hrdi ['4_0odi] (wh-words): adv. "in order that". Added 20040203.

hrvin ['4_0ovin] (wh-words): adv. because. Added 1989-1990.

hl ['HULU] ['hulu] (animals): n. crane. Added 20110630 .

hm ['hum] (physical): v. to crush. Added 1984-1987.

hr ['hu4] (artifacts): n. iron. Added 1984.

hrat ['hu4at] (artifacts): n. chain (connected metal links). Added 1984-1987.

-i I] [i] (grammar): part., suff. -y, -ish, -like. Added 1984.

ber ['ibE4] (time): adv. sometimes. Added 1989-1990.

-ic IC] [ik] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. accusative case ending. -ic is used after consonants, -c after vowels. Added 1984-1987.

cci ['ICCI] ['itsi] (animals): n. squirrel. Added 20070828.

cl ['ikle] (time): adv. once, one (certain) time; used to start anecdotes. Added 20090315.

cs ['ikse] (geography): n. east. Added 20020421.

idrm [i'da4mo] (mind): n. fantasy. Added 1989-1990.

-ifi IFI] [ifi] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. passive participle. -ifi is used after consonants, -fi after vowels. Added 1984-1987.

kabalt ['ikjabal'te] (weather): n. ice (formal). See also hrk. Added 1984-1987.

kak ['ikjakju] (weather): n. icicle, from kabalt, k. Added 20090107.
Example: kakn pldamli liln shrn'un..

-ikl IK'LA] [ik'la] (comparisons): adj., suff. an inherently cold X. -ikl is used after consonants, kl after vowels. Added 20070824.

ktel ['IKTL ['iktEl] (animals): n. insects other than flies and beetles; crawling bugs. Added 20090321.
Example: ktelan ka'tsap'n.

li ['ILI] ['ili] (plants): n. species of tree found only in mrchi lands. See also lbe. Added 198604.

ll ['illu] (people): n. man, boy. Added 20040203.

ilpla [il'pala] (relationships): v. be married, be in a married state, loosely from ll-pla. Added 20040608.

ilpalpia [ILPA'LAPIA] [ilpa'lapia] (relationships): n. marriage, from ilpla, -pi, -a. Added 20040608.

lp ['ilpu] (people): n. husband, from ll, pla. Added 20070127.

-mi 'IMI] ['imi] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. "ness". -mi is used after consonants, mi after vowels. Added 20040322.

insi [i'nisi] (kinship): n. girl's father. Added 20081219.

-ntat ['intat] (kinship): n., suff. added to a kinship title, designates that person's (senior) spouse. Added 20081219.

ny ['inje] (mind): v. to dream. Added 1984-1987.

- ['IO ['io] (grammar, verbs): adv., pref. longstandingly; opposite of ja-. Added 20090105.
Example: jatgap'a flditli na-dierifp..

-ip IP] [ip] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. imperfective aspect (after consonants). Added 1984-1987.

-ipi IPI] [ipi] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. active participle. -ipi is used after consonants, -pi after vowels. Added 1984-1987.

pshi ['ipSi] (physical): adj. tacky, sticky, clings to touch. Added 20090223.

sh ['ISHO] ['iSo] (animals): n. feather. Added 20070914.

ja- [ZHA [Za] (grammar, verbs): adv., pref. newly, recently; opposite of -. Added 20090105.
Example: jatgap'a flditli na-dierifp..

jajra [Za'Za4a] (kinship): n. boy's mother's older brother, from jra. Added 20081219.

-jka ['Zakja] (health): deriv., suff. be injured in the body part to which it is suffixed. Added 20090209.

jni ['ZHANI] ['Zani] (food): adj. fresh; raw, uncooked. Added 20100919.

jra ['Za4a] (kinship): n. one's older brother. Added 20081219.

j ['ZHI] ['Zi] (animals): n. gull. Added 1984-1987.

jki ['Ziki] (perception): n. tang, mineral/chemical smell, sea smell, urine smell. Added 20070815.

jrr ['Zir] (perception): v. to reveal. Added 1984-1987.

jnta ['ZOnta] (kinship): n. boy's father's older brother; girl's mother's older brother. Added 20081219.

-k- K [k] (grammar, verbs): deriv., inf. interrogative infix. If the verb ends in -s, the infix follows the s; otherwise, it follows the stressed vowel. When this infix falls before /k/ k, /s/ s, or /x/ ch, kh, the two sounds together go to /kS/.. Added 20140302.
Example: pktap'da? Do you hear?.

k- [K [k] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. future tense (before vowels). Added 1984-1987.

ka- [KA [kja] (grammar): part., pref. un-, -less. Added 1984.

kabl [kja'bale] (weather): n. cold. Added 1984-1987.

kabaln [kjaba'lin] (seasons): n. winter; lyn kablki. Added 20040806.

kablaskes [KABLA'ISKS [kjabla'iskEs] (plants): n. snowdrops, loosely from kablit, -kes. Added 20000330.

kablit [kjab'lait] (weather): n. snow. Added 1984-1987.

kadnye [kja'dinjE] (mind): n. daydream. Added 1984-1987.

kah [kja'he] (basics): v. to not try something, from ka-, , -h. Added 20080424.

khlir ['KAHLIR] ['kjaKi4] (wh-words): adv. for that reason; because of that. Added 20140311.

kaks [kja'kjas] (plants): n. berry. Added 20020905.

kkes ['KAKES ['kjakEs] (comparisons): n. nothing, no amount, no piece, from ka-, -kes. Added 20040203.

kkesdr ['kjakEsdu4] (emotions): v. to stress over nothing at all, from kkes, -dr. Added 20070816.

kkesi ['KAKSI] ['kjakEsi] (comparisons): adj. no, none, not any, from ka-, -kes, -i. Added 20081118.

kak [kja'ki] (grammar): conj. neither. Added 20070802.
Example: neither this nor that - kak mli kak kmli.

kak [kja'kju] (grammar): conj. nor. Added 20070802.
Example: neither this nor that - kak mli kak kmli.

kla ['KALA] ['kjala] (animals): n. thin, brittle material; exoskeleton; shell. Added 20090101.

kli ['KALI] ['kjali] (physical): adj. dry on the surface, not damp or dripping, but not necessarily all dried out. See also cshi, lri. Added 20070816.

klia ['kjalia] (wh-words): adv. then. Added 1984-1987.

klic ['kjalik] (wh-words): adv. that force. Added 1984-1987.

klici ['kjalikwi] (body): adj. sick, loosely from ka-, tlici. Added 20040203.

kalryi [kja'li4ji] (comparisons): adj. less (un-more), from ka-, lryi. Added 1998.

klis ['kjalis] (wh-words): adv. that way (method). Added 1984-1987.

klti ['kjalti] (wh-words): adv. that manner, those conditions, those circumstances. Added 1984-1987.

km ['KAM ['kjam] (comparisons): n. kind, type, sort. Added 20080424.

kmba ['kjamba] (weather): n. stormcloud; cumulonimbus cloud. Added 1984-1987.

kmisfat ['KAMISFAT ['kjamisfat] (animals): n. gnat, from *kamif, -s--t. Added 20090206.

kmli ['kjamli] (wh-words): adj. that. Added 1984-1987.

kna ['kjana'i] (emotions): exc. no. Added 1984-1987.

kanye [kja'nejE] (perception): v. discover "un-hide" (kany?). Added 20000221.

kanl [kjan'li] (kinship): n. one's same-sex cross-cousin via a parent's older sibling. Added 20081219.

kaptaf [kja'pataf] (manner): adv. silently. Added 20030507.

kaptafi [kja'patafi] (perception): adj. silent ("unheard"), from ka-, pta, -fi. Added 20030507.

kpm ['kjapem] (wh-words): adj. that person. Added 20030529.

krik ['KARIK ['kja4ik] (weather): n. hail (icy precipitation). Added 20090107.
Example: plitan hrkp kmbanba sp'n krikan..

ksa ['kjasa] (states): v. to be impossible, from ka-, , -sa. Added 20080424.

kasia [kja'saja] (states): n. impossibility, from ksa, -i, -a. Added 20080424.

kasta [KA'SATA] [kja'sata] (food): n. spice. Added 20050122.

ks ['kjase] (time): adj. last. Added 1984-1987.

ksh srsi ['KASHendbegin'SOROSI] ['kjaS 'so4osi] (food): n. almond (a foreign import). Added 20110807.

ksh ['KASH ['kjaS] (food): n. nut. Added 20070127.

katk [kja'tak] (interactions): v. attack. Added 20040815.

kten ['kjatEn] (wh-words): n. that litnca. Added 1984-1987.

kth ['kjaT] (geography): n. cave. Added 1984-1987.

katlia [kja'tolia] (plants): n. holly tree. See also mta. Added 20040806.

ktrenfi ['kjat4Enfi] (perception): adj. unknown, mysterious. Added 19990609.

ke- [K [kE] (grammar): adv., pref. insufficient, too little. Added 20000509.

ke [K] [kE] (grammar): adv. "that" (head of sub. clause). Added 20000509.

kam ['keam] (people): n. no one. Added 1989-1990.

kf ['KF ['kEf] (numbers): num. zero. Added 1984-1987.

kfia ['kEfia] (states): n. void, vacuum, nothingness, from kf, -i, -a. Added 20020421.

khia ['KHIA] ['kEhia] (comparisons): n. lack, poverty, frugality, from k, -i, -a. Added 20090331.
Example: khia tvi: the poverty of prosperity.

kl ['KL ['kEl] (perception): v. conceal, loosely from ka-, l. Added 1984-1987.

klel ['kElEl] (body): n. teardrop, tear, loosely from ke lil. Added 20030507.

kleli ['kElEli] (emotions): v. to weep. Added 20030507.

kelra [kE'le4a] (artifacts): n. veil. Added 1984-1987.

kelri [kE'le4i] (artifacts): adj. veil-like. Added 1984-1987.

km [KM ['kEm] (states): v. be unexpected; be strange, weird, unusual, peculiar; be a surprise; happen differently from expected; go awry. See also dm. Added 20130930.

kmi [KMI] ['kEmi] (states): adj. strange, weird, unusual, peculiar; unexpected; surprising; different from expected, from km, -i. See also dmi. Added 20130930.

kmis [KMISO] ['kEmiso] (states): v. be strange, weird, unusual, peculiar; act differently from expected; try to shock, from km, -i, -s. See also dmis. Added 20130930.

kmli ['kEmli] (plants): n. bleeding heart plant. Added 1984-1987.

kep- [KP [kEp] (adpositions): adp., pref. to, as in giving to; dative case. Added 1984-19860316.

kpdat ['kEpdate] (language): v. tell (someone), from kep-, t. Added 20030507.

krt [KE'RAT [ke'4at] (food): n. salt. Added 20050122.

kri ['KERI] ['ke4i] (food): adj. salty (to the taste). Added 20090321.

krn [ke'4in] (plants): n. hyacinth plant or flower. Added 198604.

krsa ['ke4sa] (location): n. secluded spot. Added 1984-1987.

-kes KS [kEs] (grammar, nouns): deriv., suff. piece of, part of. Added 20000330.

ksanik ['kEsanik] (physical): v. to cut up, to chop. Added 20050122.

kshe ['KSH] ['kESE] (food): n. flour. Added 20050122.

ket [kE'ti] (plants): n. wildflower glossed as "early tiny white cups". Added 198604.

kh- ['xa] (grammar, nouns): adj., pref. denotes roughness, harshness. Added 20040203.

kha- [XA [xa] (comparisons): adj., pref. a rough X. See also -shi. Added 20070824.

khdel ['xadElu] (cosmos): n. rock. Added 20040203.

khasd [XA'SUD [xa'sud] (animals): n. housefly. Added 20090223.

khr [X'RA] [x'4a] (animals): n. spider. Added 20070422.

khd ['xud] (change): n. rot, decay. Added 20090319.

khdi ['xudi] (change): adj. rotten, decayed, from khd, -i. Added 20090223.

ki- [KI [ki] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. future tense (before consonants). Added 1984-1987.

kicp [ki'kwEp] (mind): v. to learn. Added 1984-1987.

ke ['KI ['kiE] (body): n. eye. Added 1984-1987.

kela ['kiEla] (location): n. home. Added 1989-1990.

kini [ki'Eni] (body): adj. eye-related. Added 1984-1987.

kfli ['kifli] (wh-words): adv. there. Added 1984-1987.

km ['kimo] (time): adv. forever. Added 1984-1987.

kimhla [kimo'hala] (time): v. to happen always, to happen every time, to continue on, from km, hla. Added 20081118.

kpi ['KIPI] ['kipi] (plants): n. cherry blossom. See also dek. Added 198604.

-kl K'LA] [k'la] (comparisons): adj., suff. an inherently cold X. -kl is used after vowels, -ikl after consonants. Added 20070824.

-k KO] [kjo] (adpositions): adp., suff. through. Added 20040815.

kl ['KOL ['kjol] (states): n. danger. See also ml. Added 20081118.

kr ['kjo4] (artifacts): v. to bind. Added 1984-1987.

ksha ['KKIA] ['kSia] (cosmos): n. fire, loosely from ta. Added 1984.

kshai ['KKIAI] [k'Siai] (cosmos): adj. fiery. Added 1984-1987.

kshti ['KKITI] [k'Siti] (comparisons): adj. different. See also lpi. Added 20090322.

ksht [k'Sut] (health): v. sneeze. Added 20090202.

-k KU] [kju] (adpositions): adp., suff. against. Added 1984-1987.

k ['KU] ['kju] (shapes): n. point, acute angle. Added 20090107.

kartt [kjua4'tete] (interactions): v. to oppose, fight, from -k, artt. Added 20001006.

karttpia [KUAR'TETEPIA] [kjua4te'tepia] (interactions): n. opposition, from kartt, -pi, -a. Added 20020421.

kbi ['kjubi] (colors): adj. blue. Added 20070823.

kdat ['kjudate] (language): v. disagree with someone, from -k, t. See also ldat. Added 20030507.

kba [kju'eba] (cosmos): n. sky. Added 1984-1987.

kembl [kjuEm'bElu] (plants): n. phlox, nl kbi, nl lpi, from kba, nl. Added 20070815.

kki ['kjuki] (physical): adj. jagged, from k, -ki. Added 20090107.

kkla [kju'kjola] (interactions): v. protect from danger, from k-, kl. Added 20081118.

kpg [KU'PAGE] [kju'page] (physical): v. block, obstruct; bar the way, stand in the way of; stand against, from k-, pg. Added 20131002.

kpagpia [KUPA'GEPIA] [kjupa'gepia] (physical): n. barrier, obstacle, obstruction; guard, line of defense, from k-, pg, -pi, -a. Added 20131002.

kpisha ['KUPISHA] ['kjupiSa] (food): n. honey, loosely from kshi and pshi, unless kshi is derived from this. Added 20090321.
Example: dsman kpisha'c srp'n.

kshi ['KUSHI] ['kjuSi] (food): adj. sweet (to the taste), loosely from kpisha or vice versa. Added 20090321.
Example: kpisha kshisp'n.

l- [L [l] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. subjunctive mood (before vowels). Added 1984-1987.

la- [LA [la] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. inceptive. Added 20040322.

lcci ['LACCI] ['latsi] (food): n. allium native to the mrchi continent; also used to refer to such imports as onions, garlic, shallots and leeks. Added 20050122.

lcha ['LAXA] ['laxa] (food): n. flatbread. Added 20050122.

lachtia [LA'XATIA] [la'xatia] (food): n. pie. Added 20050122.

lac [LA'CU] [la'ku] (physical): v. open (intransitive), from la-, c. Added 20121203.

lacd [CU'DA] [laku'da] (physical): v. open (transitive), from la-, c, -d. Added 20121203.

lda ['LADA] ['lada] (physical): v. flow. Added 1989-1990.

ladad [LA'DADA] [lada'da] (physical): v. wash away, make flow away, from lda, -d. Added 20020421.

lads [LA'DISO] [la'diso] (space): v. come to be in place, get in place, take one's place, from la-, ds. Added 20060302.

lf ['LAFU] ['lafu] (calendar): n. day three. Added 1984-1987.

lahartesd [LAARTESO'DA] [laha4tEso'da] (physical): v. web up, enwebben, from la-, rt, -s, -d. Added 20070422.

lah [LA'HU] [la'hu] (language): n. name. Added 20060302.

laht [lahu'te] (language): v. to call (someone something), from lah, t. Added 20060302.

lalpala [la'ilpala] (relationships): v. to get married, from la-, ilpla. Added 20040608.
Example: ki'lalpalap'a ricli mtdi.

lailpalpia [LAILPA'LAPIA] [lailpa'lapia] (relationships): n. wedding, from lailpla, -pi, -a. Added 20040608.

lakl [la'kjal] (interactions): v. capture, catch, seize (an animate creature), loosely from akl. Added 20090322.
Example: khr ccatanic lakln'r.

ll ['LAL] ['lal] (cosmos): n. air. Added 1984-1987.

lalacra [LALA'CIRA] [lala'kwi4a] (body): v. breathe, loosely from ll, cra. Added 19990917.

lalri [LA'LERI] [la'le4i] (emotions): v. feel relieved, feel grateful for someone's help, from alla, lri. Added 20070127.

lalria [LA'LERIA] [la'le4ia] (emotions): n. feeling of gratitude/relief, from lalri, -a. Added 20070127.

lalt [la'lete] (emotions): v. to give thanks for a favor, from lalri, t. Added 20070127.

lalilitns [LALILI'TANSO] [lalili'tanso] (physical): v. become foam or froth; of a wave, to break, from la-, lilitn, -s. Added 20090315.

lll ['lalle] (emotions): excl. thanks, from alla, ll. Added 20070127.

lma ['lama] (basics): n. life. Added 1984-1987.

lmakes ['LAMAKS ['lamakEs] (plants): n. plant, growing thing, types of plants, from lma, -kes. Added 20040806.

lamrn [lam'4en] (portentousness): n. constrictions. Added 1984-1987.

lpi ['lapi] (comparisons): adj. same, similar. See also kshti. Added 20090322.

lra ['la4a] (emotions): v. to laugh. Added 20040322.

larad [la4a'da] (interactions): v. to amuse, to be amusing, from lra, -d. Added 20070901.

laradaf [la4ada'fa] (emotions): v. to be amused. Added 20070901.

lri ['LARI] ['la4i] (physical): adj. arid, dessicated; without moisture inside, dried out; used as an exaggeration for "thirsty". See also kli, sri. Added 20070816.

lart [LA'RIT [la'4it] (physical): v. close up, shut (intransitive), from la-, rt. See also lac. Added 20131002.

laritd [LARIT'DA] [la4it'da] (physical): v. close, shut (transitive), from la-, rt, -d. See also lacd. Added 20131002.

lsal ['laseal] (time): n. yesterday. Added 20070802.

ltar ['lata4] (location): n. park. Added 1989-1990.

latm [LA'TM [la'tEm] (plants): n. tree. Added 1984-1987.

latmia [LA'TMIA] [la'tEmia] (artifacts): n. wood, from latm, -i, -a. Added 20070417.

latemyt [LATM'YAT [latEm'jat] (artifacts): v. craft something of wood, from latmia, -t. Added 20070417.

latmyis [la'tEmjis] (plants): n. forest, woods, mass of trees, from latm, -yis. Added 20000330.

lti ['lati] (colors): adj. green. Added 20040806.

latv [LA'TIV [la'tiv] (location): n. park, refuge, green world, from lti, -tv. Added 1984-1990.

latrais [LA'TYRAISO] [la'ti4aiso] (emotions): v. cheer up (intrans.), from la-, trai, -s. Added 20040815.

latyraisd [LATYRAISO'DA] [lati4aiso'da] (emotions): v. cheer (someone) up, from la-, trai, -s, -d. Added 20040815.

l- [LE [le] (grammar): deriv., pref. happiness prefix, like ty- but less holy. Added 20070802.

lchta ['LXTA] ['lExta] (calendar): n. month four. Added 1984-1987.

ld [LD ['led] (animals): n. duck. Added 1984-1987.

lhcc [le'hatso] (unclassified): v. to party, to gather in celebration, from l-, cc. Added 20070802.

ll ['LL] ['lEl] (physical): v. boil (intrans.), as liquid. Added 20100909 .

leld [LL'DA] [lEl'da] (physical): v. boil, bring liquid to a boil, from ll, -d. Added 20100909 .

llitd [LELI'TIDE] ['leli'tide] (animals): n. waterbird. Added 1984-1987.

ln [LN] ['lEn] (numbers): num. four. Added 1984-1987.

lendslt [LN'DASLOT [lEn'daslot] (animals): n. four-legged creature or thing, from ln, dl, -s--t. Added 20090223.

lnthon ['LNTHN] ['lEnTOn] (shapes): n. square, rectangle, from ln, thn. Added 20090319.

lnyis ['LNYIS ['lEnjis] (numbers): n. quadruple, quartet; the four-day week of the mrchi ceremonial calendar, from ln, -yis. Added 20100913 .

lr ['LER] ['le4] (motion): v. float; swim about, move about in water; be in water. Added 20111215.

lri ['LERI] ['le4i] (emotions): v. feel (an emotion). Added 20040322.

lse ['LES] ['lesE] (plants): n. tulip. Added 198604.

lt [LE'TU] [le'tu] (cosmos): n. sun's arc, ecliptic plane. Added 1984-1987.

-l LI] ['li] (adpositions): adp., suff. with. Added 1984-1987.

lacl ['lia'kli] (comparisons): adj. old. Added 1984-1987.

lbe ['libE] (plants): n. blossom of li tree. See also li. Added 198604.

lic [li'kwa] (motion): v. bring something along, loosely from -li, clv, -d. Added 20070127.

lca ['likwa] (wh-words): n. force. Added 1984-1987.

lda ['LIDA] ['lida] (physical): v. pour, intrans. (as in water pours past). Added 20070127.

lidad [LI'DADA] [lida'da] (physical): v. pour (something), from lda, -d. Added 20070127.

ldat ['lidate] (language): v. agree with someone, from -li, t. See also kdat. Added 20030507.

ld ['lide] (mind): v. to think. Added 1984-1987.

lil [li'El] (cosmos): n. water. Added 1984.

lila [li'Ela] (geography): n. river, from lil, -a. Added 1984.

lilfor [li'ElfO4] (geography): n. shore, water's edge. Added 20060302.

liel [liE'lu] (geography): n. ocean, sea, from lil, -. Added 1984.

leri ['liE4i] (artifacts): n. candle, lamp. Added 1989-1990.

liv [li'ev] (location): n. house, dwelling. Added 1984.

liva [li'eva] (location): n. hut, cottage; shed; small house, from liv, -a. Added 1984.

liv [lie'vu] (location): n. mansion, palace, from liv, -. Added 1984.

lf ['lif] (wh-words): adv. where. Added 1984-1987.

lilri [LI'LERI] [li'le4i] (emotions): v. feel sympathy for someone's cause or plight, from -li, lri. Added 20070127.

lilt ['LILIT [li'lit] (physical): n. bubble. Added 20090315.

lilitn [LILI'TAN] [lili'tan] (physical): n. foam (fossilized plural of lilt), from lilt, -an. Added 20090315.

lll ['lille] (emotions): excl. my sympathies, from -li, ll. Added 20070127.

lnta ['linta] (artifacts): n. axle, spindle, wheel, lathe; "spinner", from lta, -n-. Added 20090107.

lpsi ['lipsi] (wh-words): n. method. Added 1984-1987.

lir- [li4] (grammar): adv., pref. much-, very- (prefix to adj.). Added 20040811.

lri ['li4i] (comparisons): adj. great/big. Added 20040322.

lrya ['li4ja] (comparisons): adv. very, loosely from lryi. Added 20000330.

lryi ['li4ji] (comparisons): adj. much. Added 1984-1987.

lryikatrnfia [LIRYIKATRNFIA] ['li4jikjat'4Enfia] (portentousness): n. labyrinth "much-unknown-ness", from lryi, ka-, tren, -fi, -a. Added 20000221.

lryira ['li4ji4a] (comparisons): adj. more. Added 1984-1987.

lskesi ['liskEsi] (comparisons): adj. many, loosely from lryi and -kes. Added 20020905.

lta ['lita] (shapes): n. circle. Added 1984-1987.

ltac ['litak] (wh-words): adv. when. Added 1984-1987.

litt [li'tat] (motion): v. circle, move in a circular motion; spin, loosely from lta. Added 1984-1987.

litt [li'tite] (motion): v. go about randomly or busily in a space. See also vr, csa. Added 20081230.
Example: dsman lthianpr littp't.

ltse ['litsE] (plants): n. flower glossed as "yellowclusters". Added 198604.

lts ['litse] (wh-words): adv. in what manner, in what circumstance. Added 1984-1987.

litr [li'tu4] (shapes): n. spiral. Added 1984-1987.

litrkla [LITUR'KALA] [litu4'kjala] (animals): n. spiral shell; seashell, snail shell, from litr, kla. Added 20090101.
Example: litrklan shirvanicm ap'n..

litrma [li'tu4ma] (motion): v. to spiral. Added 1984-1987.

l- [LO [lo] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. subjunctive mood (before consonants). Added 1984-1987.

l ['LO] ['lo] (perception): v. to watch. Added 1984-1987.

l--a [lo a] (comparisons): adj., circf. an old X. Added 20070824.

lba ['LOBA] ['loba] (body): v. to eat. Added 1989-1990.

ldivrn [lodiv'4an] (interactions): adv. ifitplease. Added .

lhma [LO'HOMA] [lo'homa] (cosmos): n. pre-dawn hours; very early morning; the late part of the night, from l--a, hm. See also alta. Added 20111215.

lmi ['lomi] (body): n. food. Added 1989-1990.

lpla [lo'pala] (kinship): n. one's female parallel cousin via a parent's older sibling. Added 20081219.

lta [LO'TYA] [lo'tia] (cosmos): n. late afternoon; the late part of the daytime, from l--a, ta. See also alma. Added 20111215.

l ['LU] ['lu] (grammar): adv. if. Added 1984-1987.

lba ['luba] (plants): n. shrubby cinquefoil, Dasiphora fruticosa. See also tb. Added 1984-1987.

lhl ['LUHL ['luK] (body): v. pulse and circulate; have a heartbeat, respire. Added 20121222.
Example: valhlia! Longevity!.

lp ['LUP ['lup] (location): n. flat place, flat ground, plain. Added 1984.

lpa ['lupa] (geography): n. plateau, mesa, from lp, -a. Added 1984.

lplta [lu'palta] (artifacts): n. disc; dish, plate, from lpa, lta. Added 20070807.

lpi ['LUPI] ['lupi] (comparisons): adj. flat, from lp, -i. Added 20050122.

lp [lu'pu] (geography): n. plains, steppe, from lp, -. Added 1984.

lral ['lu4al] (unclassified): v. to ?. Added 1989-1990.

lta ['luta] (religion): n. a divination method involving mathematical manipulations of numbers obtained via several methods including tossing sticks. Added 1984-1987.

lthi ['luTi] (plants): n. flower, blossom. Added 1984.

lyn [l'jin] (time): n. time (specific). Added 1984-1987.

mb ['MABE] ['mabe] (body): n. milk. See also bb. Added 20101109 .

-mad MADU] [madu] (time): deriv., suff. an X which happens regularly or periodically. Added 20070816.

mli ['mali] (plants): n. holly flower. See also mta. Added 1984-1987.

mm ['MAM] ['mam] (people): v. be a mother to. Added 20040203.

mrva ['ma4va] (plants): n. flower, a certain type. Added 1984-1987.

mt ['MAT ['mat] (body): v. die. Added 20000330.

mtank ['mata'nik] (body): v. to kill or clear-cut. Added 20000330.

mtar ['mata4] (body): n. death. Added 1989-1990.

-m ME] [me] (adpositions): adp., suff. above. Added 1989-1990.

-ma MEA] [mea] (adpositions): adp., suff. over. Added 1989-1990.

mapsa [mea'pasa] (motion): v. move over, move above, pass over, from -ma, psa. Added 20090315.

mra [ME'ARUA] [me'a4ua] (calendar): n. day four. Added 1984-1987.

mba ['meba] (plants): n. vinca vine. See also vam. Added 198604.

ml ['ML ['mEl] (states): n. safety. See also kl. Added 20070127.

ml ['mEle] (kinship): n. one's same-sex cross-cousin via dn. Added 20081219.

mlis ['MLISO] ['mEliso] (states): v. be safe, from ml, -i, -s. Added 20100912 .

melisd [MLISO'DA] [mEliso'da] (interactions): v. make safe, protect, from ml, -i, -s, -d. Added 20070127.

mma ['mEma] (body): n. body. Added 20040815.

memta ['MMTA] [mE'mEta] (artifacts): n. clothing, loosely from mma, mta. Added 20100909 .

mn ['MN] ['mEn] (physical): v. be still, be silent. Added 20130714.
Example: latmyisdi, kamnip't tan trrdn, t allt, t pman..

mna ['mena] (artifacts): v. to draw. Added 1984-1987.

mnila ['mEnila] (emotions): n. silence, stillness. Added 1989-1990.

mta ['mEta] (physical): v. to cover. Added 20020421.

metaf [MTA'FA] [mEta'fa] (states): v. be covered, from mta, -f. Added 20020421.

mt ['MTU] ['mEtu] (calendar): n. day two. Added 1984-1987.

-mi MI] [mi] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. "ness". -mi is used after vowels, -mi after consonants. Added 20040322.

mr ['MIR] ['mi4] (emotions): v. be at peace, be calm. Added 1984-1987.

mirgla [mi4'gela] (motion): v. return, go back, from mir-, gla. See also mirvr. Added 20000330.

mri ['mi4i] (time): adv. again. Added 1984-1987.

mirtva [mi4'tava] (interactions): v. return, reciprocate, from mir-, tva. Added 20000509.

mrt ['mi4te] (language): v. answer, reply, from mri, t. Added 20030507.

mirvr [mi4've4] (change): v. return (in abstract sense), from mir-, vr. See also mirgla. Added 20090107.

ms ['mise] (kinship): n. one's same-sex parallel cousin via fn. Added 20081219.

mta ['mita] (plants): n. holly tree. See also si. Added 1984-1987.

md ['MOD ['mod] (physical): v. dig a hole or tunnel in the ground. Added 20081231.
Example: csitan dlchbit mdap't.

md ['MODO] ['modo] (animals): n. beetle. Added 20090206.
Example: kman mdnn lskesisp'n..

ml ['MOL ['mol] (food): n. grain. Added 20070127.

mlt [mo'lito] (wh-words): n. thing. Added 1984-1987.

mlkes ['MOLKS ['molkEs] (food): n. kernel of grain, from ml, -kes. Added 20070127.

mnd ['monod] (artifacts): n. shovel, trowel ("digger"), from md, -n-. Added 20090107.

mrna ['mO4na] (location): n. wilderness. Added 1984-1987.

mt ['mOt] (food): n. grape. Added 20120921.

mth ['MUTH ['muT] (physical): v. emit, put forth. Added 20101109 .

-n- N [n] (grammar, verbs): part., inf. instrumental nominalizer. Added 20090107.
Example: lnta; ncc; mnd; bnent; tnrk.

-n N] [n] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. collective plural for nouns ending in vowels; collective inanimates take singular neuter agreement on the verb; possessors of collectives marked as adjectives instead of with genitive or possessive. Added 1984.

-n N] [n] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. imperfective aspect (after liquids). Added 1984-1987.

-n N] [n] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 3rd p. s. (it), from n. Added 1984-1987.

n ['NA] ['na] (grammar): n. which, that which. Added 1984.

na'ash [naaS] (grammar): adv. on which. Added 20040203.

na'c [nak] (grammar): adj. which (accusative case). Added 20040203.

ncar ['nakua4] (people): n. opponent, enemy. Added 20070725.

nda ['NADA] ['nada] (animals): n. horn of an animal. Added 20070914.

na-sp'da [na 'esopda] (pronouns): pron. you, who are.... Added 20040811.

na-sp'f [na 'esopfo] (pronouns): pron. y'all, who are.... Added 20040811.

nai [nai] (grammar): adv? X nai Y Z, an X such that an X-ish Y Z's. Added 20040203.

nks ['NAKSU] ['naksu] (calendar): n. day one. Added 1984-1987.

nalli [na'lali] (emotions): v. to play. Added 20000221.

na-mm'r [na 'mam4] (people): n. mother. Added 20040203.

nnia ['nania] (kinship): n. one's same-sex antecedents: older same-sex siblings, same-sex parent, and same-sex parent's older same-sex siblings and same-sex parent, etc., from ann. Added 20081219.

nnra ['nanu4a] (people): n. investigator, loosely from na-nrap'. Added 20040815.

na-pp' [na 'pape] (people): n. father. Added 20040203.

nri ['na4i] (change): v. to become. Added 20040321.

narishid [NARISHI'DA] [na4iSi'da] (people): n. teacher, from n-, rshi, -d. Added 20060302.

natch [na'tix] (people): n. magician, wizard. Added 1989-1990.

n- [NE [ne] (body): part., pref. personal or physical realization of X, i.e. physical strength vs. power. Added 20070127.

n ['NE] ['ne] (pronouns): pron. 3rd p. s. m. (he). Added 1984.

nam ['neam] (wh-words): adv. here. Added 1984-1987.

ncl [ne'kwale] (body): n. blood, from n-, cl. Added 20090206.

nc [ne'ko] (body): n. heart (bodily organ), from n-, c. Added 20070127.

-ndi NEDI] [nedi] (adpositions): adp., suff. toward. Added 20060302.

nds [ne'dis] (body): n. hair, from n-, ads. Added 20070914.

ndivr ['nedive4] (motion): v. come toward, approach, come nearer to, from -ndi, vr. Added 20091129.

nfm [ne'fam] (body): n. physical strength, from n-, fm. Added 20070127.

nfri ['NFRI] ['nEf4i] (animals): n. cat. Added 20070828.

nip [nei'pa] (body): n. body parasite, such as a flea or tick, loosely from nypia. Added 20020905.

nll [ne'lal] (body): n. breath, from n-, ll. Added 20070828.

nlta [ne'lita] (artifacts): n. wheel, from n-, lta. Added 20090105.

nl ['nElu] (plants): n. plants like rosemary or phlox. Added 20070815.

nmth [NE'MUTH [ne'muT] (body): v. secrete, lactate, from n-, mth. Added 20101109 .

nr ['ne4] (pronouns): pron. 3rd p. s. f. (she). Added 1984.

nrchal ['nE4xal] (health): v. sniffle. Added 20090202.

nsr [ne'sO4e] (body): n. back of the body, from n-, sr. Added 20081118.

nsta [NE'SOTA] [ne'sota] (body): n. (human) skin, from n-, sta. Added 20070914.

nsji [ne'suZi] (body): n. (someone's) voice, from n-, sji. Added 20080424.

-nt NET [net] (adpositions): adp., suff. near. -nt is used after vowels, -nt after consonants. Added 20060302.

ntpm [nete'peme] (space): v. sit near, sit close to, from -nt, pm. Added 20090315.

ntsa [ne'tesa] (body): n. front of the body, from n-, tsa. Added 20081118.

ntir ['NETIR] ['neti4] (space): v. be close, near, loosely from -nt. Added 20060302.

ntiri ['NETIRI] ['neti4i] (comparisons): adj. near, from ntir, -i. Added 20060302.

ntsip ['NETSIP ['netsip] (body): n. face, a person's face, from n--ip, ntsa. Added 20081118.

ny ['NEYE] ['neje] (perception): v. hide. Added 1984-1987.

n---i [n i] (grammar, verbs): aff. diminutive (verbs). Added 20000221.

n ['NI] ['ni] (grammar): conj. but. Added 1989-1990.

ncnm ['NICNOM ['niknom] (animals): n. beak. Added 20040203.

ncsen ['niksEn] (artifacts): n. point. Added 1984-1987.

nics [nik'su] (artifacts): n. sword. Added 20040321.

-ndit ['nidit] (kinship): n., suff. added to a kinship title to indicate that person's entire descendant tree. Added 20081219.

ni---p [ni 'ip] (grammar, nouns): adj., circf. diminutive (nouns); first i vanishes before vowels; second blends w/preceding vowel. Added 20000221.
Example: khr gives nikhrp.

niksi [ni'kEsi] (comparisons): adj. a little, a small amount of. Added 20050122.

nki ['niki] (comparisons): adj. sharp. Added 20040203.

nikta [ni'kita] (plants): n. thorn (on a plant). Added 1984-1987.

nksa ['NIKSA] ['niksa] (artifacts): n. knife, loosely from ank. Added 20020420.

nllip ['nillip] (people): n. boy, from ni--ip, ll. Added 20040203.

niltt [nil'tat] (music): v. to compose a piece of music; to craft something of music. Added 20070417.

nlt ['nilte] (music): n. music. Added 1984-19860316.

nna ['NINA] ['nina] (kinship): n. a father's daughter; a man's younger brother's daughter; a grandfather's granddaughter; a paternal grandmother's granddaughter. Added 20081219.

ninp [NI'NEP [ni'nep] (animals): n. cat, kitten; diminutive endearment for a cat, loosely from n-ny-ip. Added 20020420.

ninsa [ni'nisa] (kinship): n. girl's father's older brother, from insi. Added 20081219.

npa ['NIPA] ['nipa] (people): n. baby. Added 20040815.

niplip [ni'palip] (people): n. girl, from ni--ip, pla. Added 20040203.

nipmip [NI'PMIP [ni'pEmip] (people): n. child, from n- -ip, pma. Added 20070127.

npi ['NIPI] ['nipi] (comparisons): adj. small. Added 20000221.

npin laclan ['nipin 'alak'lian] (people): n. children. Added 20000221.

nis- [NIS [nis] (grammar): adv., pref. prefix some, a middling amount of. Added 20070127.

nisdn [nis'don] (weather): n. shade, shadow, from nis-, dn. Added 20070127.

nisch [ni'sExe] (physical): n. warmth, from nis-, ch. Added 20070127.

niskabl [NISKA'BALE] [niskja'bale] (physical): n. coolness (temperature only!), from nis-, kabl. Added 20081231.

nisrsip [NI'SOROSIP [ni'so4osip] (food): n. cherry (a foreign import); sometimes also nisrsip cli, from srs, ni--ip. Added 20110806.

nitnip [NI'TUNIP [ni'tunip] (plants): n. bulbil; bulb produced above-ground in the flower or leaves, from ttn, ni--ip. Added 20130806.
Example: n lthira--nitnipsp'n.

niyna [ni'jina] (kinship): n. girl's paternal grandfather, from insi. Added 20081219.

-n NO] [no] (adpositions): adp., suff. of. Added 1984.

nm ['NOM ['nom] (body): n. mouth. Added 20040203.

ns ['NOS ['nos] (body): v. bite. Added 20020905.

nl ['NUL ['nul] (body): n. tooth. Added 20090224.

nra ['nu4a] (perception): v. look for, search. Added 20040811.

-b 'OBO] ['obo] (adpositions): adp., suff. despite. -b is used after consonants, -b after vowels. Added 20060302.

l ['OL] ['ol] (animals): n. bird's egg. Added 20081230.

liva OLI'EVA] [oli'eva] (animals): n. bird's nest ("egg-hut"), from l, liva. Added 20081230.
Example: trrdn livanic srp't.

lit ['olit] (change): v. change, progress through a series of states; cycle. Added 20090101.
Example: phltimdi, ltang takesan litap'n..

r [o'4i] (language): v. to mention. Added 1989-1990.

sa 'SA] ['Osa] (food): v. ladle out, dip up (a liquid); draw up water from a well. Added 20110630.

tyl ['otil] (spirit): n. soul. Added 1984-1987.

-p P [p] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. imperfective aspect (after vowels). Added 1984-1987.

pa- [PA [pa] (comparisons): adj., pref. short, not long (physically). See also -tl. Added 20070827.

-padi PADI] [padi] (adpositions): adp., suff. away from. Added 20060302.

pg ['PAGE] ['page] (body): v. stand. Added 20060302.

pila ['paila] (people): n. wife, from pla, ll. Added 20070127.

pla ['pala] (people): n. woman, girl. Added 20040203.

plit ['palit] (artifacts): n. obsolete word for "ball", see tt. Added 20050122.

pp ['PAP] ['pap] (people): v. be a father to. Added 20040203.

ps- ['PAS ['pas] (numbers): num., pref. indicates third place value in a Mayan-like number structure; multiplies the following number by 400, from psca. Added 20081213.

psa ['PASA] ['pasa] (motion): v. move, bend, move about. Added 20030507.

psasapi ['pasasapi] (motion): adj. movable, flexible, from psa, -sa, -pi. Added 20080424.

psca ['paskwa] (numbers): num. four hundred. Added 20070802.

psdsa ['pasdosa] (numbers): num. six thousand, from ps-, dsa. Added 20070802.

pshji ['paSoZi] (numbers): num. four thousand, from ps-, shji. Added 20070802.

pslen ['paslEn] (numbers): num. sixteen hundred, from ps-, ln. Added 20070802.

pspn ['paspon] (numbers): num. eight hundred, from ps-, pn. Added 20070802.

pssan ['passan] (numbers): num. two thousand, from ps-, sn. Added 20070802.

pstor ['pastO4] (numbers): num. twelve hundred, from ps-, tr. Added 20070802.

-pt 'PAT ['pat] (adpositions): adp., suff. beyond, past. -pat is used after consonants, -pt after vowels. Added 20000330.

pta ['pata] (perception): v. to hear. Added 20020905.

ptar ['pata4] (space): v. to be distant. Added 20060302.

ptari ['pata4i] (comparisons): adj. distant. Added 20060302.

ptat ['patate] (language): v. query, from pta, t. Added 20030529.

-p PE] [pe] (adpositions): adp., suff. made from, made of. Added 20020421.

pma [pe'ama] (people): n. person. Added 20030529.

pmyis [pe'amjis] (people): n. the mass of people, from pma, -yis. Added 20070127.

pdat ['PEDATE] ['pedate] (language): v. speak (a language), speak in, use, from -p, t. Added 20140215.

pfrnim [PE'FRNIM] [pe'fO4nim] (seasons): n. season of snowing, from frn, p--im. Added 1984-1987.

pgnim [PE'GANIM] [pe'ganim] (seasons): n. season of waking, from gn, p--im. Added 1984-1987.

phla ['PHLA] ['pEKa] (kinship): n. a mother's son; a woman's younger sister's son; a grandmother's grandson; a maternal grandfather's grandson. Added 20081219.

phltim [PE'HLTIM] [pe'KEtim] (seasons): n. season of fading, from hlt, p--im. Added 1984-1987.

phcim [pe'hokwim] (space): adj. far-reaching. Added 1984-1987.

pl ['PL ['pEl] (physical): v. turn to ash, burn from embers to ash. Added 20091128.

p'latim [P'ELATIM] ['pelatim] (seasons): n. season of leafing, from lat, p--im. Added 1984-1987.

plthim [PE'LUTHIM] [pe'luTim] (seasons): n. season of flowering, from lthi, p--im. Added 1984-1987.

pm ['PEME] ['peme] (body): v. sit, be seated. Added 20060302.

pmit ['pemit] (artifacts): n. stool. Added 20080322.

pnmi [pe'nemi] (comparisons): adj. sneaky, stealthy, loosely from pnym, hiding. Added 20020420.

pnltm [PE'NILTEM [pe'niltem] (seasons): n. season of singing, from nlt, p--im. Added 1984-1987.

penp [pE'nip] (plants): n. hosta plant. Added 1984-1987.

pnm ['PENME] ['penme] (artifacts): n. chair, seat; something to sit on, from pm, -n-. Added 20131002.

pshrim [PE'SHIRIM] [pe'Si4im] (seasons): n. season of growing, from shr, p--im. Added 1984-1987.

psimfm [PESIMO'FAM [pesimo'fam] (manner): adv. clearly, naturally, as is understood, from sm, -f, p--im. Added 20030529.

-pi PI] [pi] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. active participle. -pi is used after vowels, -ipi after consonants. Added 1984-1987.

piccs [PI'CCIS [pit'sis] (health): v. shiver. Added 20090202.

piccsia [PI'CCISIA] [pit'sisia] (health): n. fever, from piccs, -i, -a. Added 20090202.

pc ['piku] (music): v. to dance. Added 1984-1987.

plc ['pilku] (music): n. dance. Added 1984-1987.

pilla [pi'lula] (kinship): n. girl's (marriageable) male cross-cousin via jnta; girl's (marriageable) nephew via jra. Added 20081219.

pma ['pima] (emotions): n. compassion. Added 20040322.

pr ['pi4e] (school and work): n. exhibit. Added 1989-1990.

psct ['piskut] (people): n. dancer, from pc, -s--t. Added 1984-1987.

pl- [P'LI [p'li] (adpositions): adp., pref. without. Added 1984-1987.

pn ['PON] ['pon] (numbers): num. two. Added 1984-1987.

pnartt [PONAR'TETE] [pona4'tete] (interactions): v. mediate between two parties, from pn, artt. Added 1984-1987.

pndslt [PON'DASLOT [pon'daslot] (animals): n. two-legged creature or thing, from pn, dl, -s--t. Added 20090223.

pt ['pote] (space): v. extend, span. Added 20081118.

ptia [po'teja] (space): n. extent, linear distance, from pt, -i, -a. Added 20081118.

ptpia [po'tepia] (space): n. line, from pt, -pi, -a. Added 20081118.

pvi ['povi] (comparisons): adj. tall. Added 1984-1987.

-pr P'RE] [p'4e] (adpositions): adp., suff. amidst. Added 20060302.

pi [PU'AI] [pu'ai] (food): adj. sour (to the taste). Added 20090321.

ps ['PUS ['pus] (house and home): v. discard, throw away. Added 20150806.

psfia [PU'SIFIA] [pu'sifia] (house and home): n. garbage, trash; something discarded or thrown away, from ps, -ifi, -a. Added 20150806.

-r R] [4] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 3rd p. s. f. (she). Added 1984-1987.

-ra RA] [4a] (adpositions): adp., suff. "as a, acting as, for a". Added 20040322.

rabt [4a'bat] (kinship): n. boy's maternal grandfather. Added 20081219.

rabatn [4aba'tane] (kinship): n. boy's great-grandfather via maternal grandfather, from rabt. Added 20081219.

rch ['RAX ['4ax] (animals): v. hunt prey. Added 20040322.

rachaty [RA'XEATY] [4a'xeati] (animals): n. predator, animal that hunts, from rch, aty. Added 20040322.

rachfia [RA'XIFIA] [4a'xifia] (animals): n. prey, something hunted, from rch, -fi, -a. Added 20081214.

rc ['4aku] (mind): n. brain. Added 1984-1987.

rmpi ['4ampi] (school and work): adj. busy. Added 1989-1990.

rneld ['4anEld] (interactions): v. to withhold. Added 1984-1987.

rnon ['RANN] ['4anOn] (animals): n. horse. Added 20070828.

rschat ['rasxat] (people): n. hunter, one who hunts as a profession, from rch, -s--t. Added 20081215.

-rdkh [4dox] (health): deriv., suff. be pained in the body part to which it is suffixed. Added 20090209.

recht [R'XIT [4E'xit] (calendar): n. month seven. Added 1984-1987.

rl ['RL ['4El] (body): n. hand. Added 20070127.

rm ['REM ['4em] (physical): v. encircle. Added 20140305.

rn ['4En] (manner): adv. even so. Added 1984-1987.

rnach ['4Enax] (mind): n. genius. Added 1989-1990.

rnta ['RNTA] ['4Enta] (artifacts): n. needle, from rta, -n-. Added 20140303.

rta ['RTA] ['4Eta] (artifacts): v. sew. Added 20140303.

rba ['4iba] (wh-words): adv. thus. Added 1984-1987.

rild [RI'LAD [4i'lad] (geography): n. river, loosely from lil, lda. Added 20130930.

rni ['4ini] (comparisons): adj. bright. Added 1984-1987.

rshi ['4iSi] (mind): adj. wise. Added 1984-1987.

rishid [4iSi'da] (mind): v. teach; make wise; impart wisdom, from rshi, -d. Added 20030529.

rshliri ['4iSli4i] (mind): adj. wisest, from rshi, -liri. Added 1984-1987.

rt ['RIT ['4it] (physical): v. be closed, be shut (intransitive). See also c. Added 20131002.

rv ['4iv] (time): adv. each time. Added 1984-1987.

rg [RG ['4Og] (animals): n. wolf. Added 20040203.

rli ['4oli] (plants): n. barley. Added 20040322.

r- [RU [4u] (grammar): adv., pref. exceedingly, excessively (prefix to adj. or verb). Added 20040815.

rdipripi [RUDI'PARIPI] [4udi'pa4ipi] (comparisons): adj. overeager, from r-, dipri, -pi. Added 20040815.

rk ['RUK ['4uk] (physical): v. char, to become charred. Added 20091128.

rssi ['4ussi] (school and work): adj. russian. Added 1989-1990.

-sa SA] [sa] (grammar, verbs): deriv., suff. potential of verb. Added 20030529.

scca ['SACCA] ['satsa] (animals): n. a fin. Added 20070912.

sch ['sax] (physical): v. to crumble. Added 1984-1987.

sachfia [sa'xifia] (physical): n. dust ("crumbles"), from sch, -ifi, -a. Added 20090427.

sachila [SAXI'LEA] [saxi'lea] (animals): n. moth ("dust-wing"), loosely from sachfia, ala. See also tyala. Added 20090427.
Example: sachilan lerinent littp'n.

sla ['SALA] ['sala] (food): n. oil. Added 20050122.

slila ['salila] (unclassified): v. to ?. Added 1989-1990.

slma ['salma] (perception): n. aromatic sharp clear scent (rosemary, pine, citrus). Added 20070815.

salmanl [SALMA'NLU] [salma'nElu] (plants): n. rosemary, nl slmai, from slma, nl. Added 20070815.

sma ['sama] (together and apart): v. to greet, hail. Added 20060302.

samn [sa'man] (kinship): n. one's same-sex parent's opposite-sex parent. Added 20081219.

sn ['SAN] ['san] (numbers): num. five. Added 1984-1987.

snlen ['SANLN] ['sanlEn] (numbers): num. nine, from sn, ln. Added 20100908 .

snpn ['SANPON] ['sanpon] (numbers): num. seven, from sn, pn. Added 20100908 .

sns ['SANSE] ['sanse] (numbers): num. six, from sn, s. Added 20100908 .

sansdslt [SANSE'DASLOT [sanse'daslot] (animals): n. six-legged creature or thing, from sn, s, dl, -s--t. Added 20090223.

sntor ['SANTR] ['santO4] (numbers): num. eight, from sn, tr. Added 20100908 .

santordslt [SANTR'DASLOT [santO4'daslot] (animals): n. eight-legged creature or thing, from sn, tr, dl, -s--t. Added 20090223.

snyis ['SANYIS ['sanjis] (numbers): n. quintuple, quintet; the four-day week of the mrchi ceremonial calendar, from sn, -yis. Added 20100913 .

spl ['saplu] (kinship): n. child of one's opposite-sex younger sibling. Added 20081219.

sast [sa'sate] (kinship): n. one's opposite-sex parallel cousin via fn, from st. Added 20081219.

st ['sate] (kinship): n. one's opposite-sex younger sibling; one's same-sex older sibling's opposite-sex child. Added 20081219.

-s SE] [se] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. these. Added 20070127.

s ['SE] ['se] (numbers): num. one. Added 1984-1987.

-sbit ['sEbit] (kinship): n., suff. added to a kinship title to indicate that person's partial descendant tree, through same-sex nodes to same- and opposite-sex leaf nodes. Added 20081219.

scl ['sekle] (wh-words): adv. while. Added 20030507.

scshe ['sEkSE] (numbers): adj. first, initial, from s, -cshe. Added 1984-19860316.

sfli ['SEFLI] ['sefli] (wh-words): adv. at the same place; colocated; the same place, loosely from s-, fli. Added 20081208.

sgatta ['sega'teta] (artifacts): n. blog, online journal, from calatfia spmg tagiali gkhattifi. Added 20070802.

shlir ['SEHLIR] ['seKi4] (wh-words): adv. for the same reason. Added 20140311.

si ['sei] (together and apart): adj. one, alone. Added 1984-1987.

sia ['SEIA] ['seja] (together and apart): n. uniqueness, a unique thing, from si, -a. Added 1984-1987.

sl [se'la] (physical): v. to stroke. Added 20070914.

slri [SE'LERI] [se'le4i] (emotions): v. feel unique, from s, lri. Added 20081205.

slic ['selik] (wh-words): adv. by the same force. Added 20081208.

slis ['selis] (wh-words): adv. by the same method. Added 20081208.

sltya [SE'LITYA] [se'litja] (calendar): n. full day, a day and a night, a particular date, from s, ta. Added 1984-19860316.

smli ['semlio] (wh-words): n. the same thing. Added 20040811.

smt ['sEmt] (physical): v. to set out, to lay out in rows. Added 1984-1987.

snda ['SENDA] ['senda] (together and apart): adv. alone, loosely from s. Added 1984-1987.

sn ['sene] (perception): n. sweet, floral scent. Added 20070815.

snsi ['senesi] (having): adj. empty. Added 1989-1990.

spm ['sepem] (people): adj. the same person. Added 20030529.

sra ['se4a] (manner): adv. as one, as in to do as one, from s, -ra. Added 20080424.

sris [se'4aiso] (together and apart): v. to be as one, from sra, -i, -s. Added 20080424.

srtima ['se4tima] (motion): v. glide, move smoothly over a surface. Added 1984-1987.

stpi ['STEPI] ['sEtepi] (language): adj. in concert, speaking together, from *st, -pi. Added 20070127.

shp ['Sapu] (perception): v. touch, feel, perceive by touch. See also gn. Added 20090223.

sh- [SHE [Se] (grammar): part., pref. the right amount of X; enough X, not too much X. Added 20100905 .

shen- [SHN [SEn] (comparisons): adj., pref. narrow. See also hr-. Added 20070827.

shnd [SHEN'D] [Se'nEd] (cosmos): n. equinox, from sh-, end. Added 20120921.

shrk [SHE'RUK [Se'4uk] (food): v. be roasted over fire; be cooked; be fried, baked, parched, toasted, from sh-, rk. Added 20100905 .

shrkid [SHERUKI'DA] [Se4uki'da] (food): v. roast something over fire; cook something; fry, bake, parch, toast something, from shrk, -d. Added 20100905 .

shi- [Si] (comparisons): adj., pref. a smooth X. See also -kha. Added 20070824.

shr ['Si4] (change): v. to grow. Added 1984-1987.

shird [SHIR'DA] [Si4'da] (change): v. sustain, allow to grow, support, from shr, -d. Added 20040203.

shirata [Si'4eata] (plants): n. plant. Added 20060302.

shiraty [Si'4eati] (plants): n. plant life. Added 20060302.

shirv [Si'4iv] (location): n. garden, field, orchard, greenhouse; planted area, from shr, -tv. Added 20090101.
Example: litrklan shirvanicm ap'n..

shrsa ['SHIRSA] ['Si4sa] (change): v. be able to grow, from shr, -sa. Added 20040203.

shve ['SivE] (weather): n. filmy, silky cloud; cirrus cloud. Added 1984-1987.

shivi [Si'vui] (comparisons): adj. soft. Added 20040811.

shji ['SoZi] (numbers): num. ten. Added 1984-1987.

-si SI] [si] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. this. Added 20070127.

si [SI] [si] (comparisons): adv. likewise. Added 1989-1990.

sfi ['SIFI] ['sifi] (language): v. whisper. Added 20030507.

sli ['sili] (wh-words): adv. how. Added 1984-1987.

silvi [si'luvi] (colors): adj. purple (amethyst). Added 20070927.

sm ['SIM ['sim] (shapes): n. bend, curve, oblique angle. Added 20090107.

simfra [SIM'FRA] [sim'fO4a] (motion): v. bend away from, wander away from the path, deviate from plan, from sm, fra. Added 20130416.

simfsrat [SIM'FSRAT [sim'fOs4at] (motion): n. deviant, from simfra, -s--t. Added 20130416.

smi ['simi] (kinship): n. one's older sister. Added 20081219.

siml [si'mile] (kinship): n. one's male parallel cousin via a parent's older sibling. Added 20081219.

sm ['simo] (mind): v. understand. Added 1984-1987.

simf [simo'fa] (mind): v. be understood, from sm, -f. Added 20081214.

smp ['simpe] (kinship): n. boy's (marriageable) female cross-cousin via dn; boy's (marriageable) dn. Added 20081219.

sint [si'nit] (weather): n. rain. Added 1984-1987.

snt ['sinte] (plants): n. dandelion plant and flower. Added 198604.

sp ['SIP ['sip] (basics): n. things. Added 1989-1990.

spra ['SIPRA] ['sip4a] (animals): n. fish. Added 20070914.

sri ['SIRI] ['si4i] (physical): adj. containing moisture, humid; wet through; not dried out. See also cshi, lri. Added 20070816.

siristai [SIRI'SOTAI] [si4i'sotai] (animals): adj. amphibian. Added .

sr ['si4o] (artifacts): v. to make. Added 1984-1987.

sismi [si'simi] (kinship): n. girl's father's older sister, from smi. Added 20081219.

ssrt ['sis4ot] (people): n. artist, creator, builder, maker, from sr, -s--t. Added 1989-1990.

sti ['siti] (perception): v. to taste. Added 20080420.

-s SO] [so] (grammar, verbs): deriv., suff. to be X. Added 20040806.
Example: anksp'n: it's the knife. yiltisp'n: it's the greenest.

sch ['sox] (body): n. tongue. Added 20070811.

schikr ['soxikjo4] (language): v. tongue-bind; make speechless, from sch, kr. Added 20070811.
Example: na-schikrn'n: tongue twister.

sdi ['sodoi] (mind): adj. bored. Added 1989-1990.

sl ['SOL ['sol] (cosmos): n. moisture. Added 1984-1987.

smma ['sOmma] (weather): n. low gray rainclouds, overcast; nimbostratus, or other stratus, cloudcover. Added 20081211.

-sor SR] [sO4] (adpositions): adp., suff. behind, from . See also -ts. Added 20081118.

sr ['sO4e] (space): n. back side of something. Added 20081118.

sorgla [sO4'gela] (motion): v. follow (walking, going in a line), from -sor, gla. See also tccla. Added 20081118.

srs endi ['SOROSendbegin'NDI] ['so4os E'nEdi] (food): n. peach (known from foreign travelers). Added 20110806.

srs fli ['SOROSendbegin'FALI] ['so4os 'fali] (food): n. apricot (known from foreign travellers). Added 20110806.

srs silvi ['SOROSendbeginSI'LUVI] ['so4os si'luvi] (food): n. plum (known from foreign travellers). Added 20110806.

srs ['SOROS ['so4os] (food): n. mrchi plum, actually more like a cross between a cherry and a nectarine. Added 20110806.

sta ['SOTA] ['sota] (animals): n. hide, surface, skin. Added 20070914.

sth ['STH ['sOT] (animals): n. worm, caterpillar. Added 20090101.
Example: sthet lryira elfsap't briahla sintn..

sveti ['sovEti] (school and work): adj. soviet. Added 1989-1990.

-s--t [ s t] (grammar, verbs): part., circf. agent nominalizer; one who habitually X's or whose role it is to X. The s is inserted after a non-final accented vowel, or the second-to-last vowel if the word is accented finally, with simplification of the resulting consonant cluster if necessary. The t follows the final vowel. Added 20100124.
Example: rschat, ssrt.

-s SU] [su] (adpositions): adp., suff. the size of. Added 20050122.

sji ['suZi] (physical): n. characteristic noise (of something). Added 20080424.

slaran ['sula4an] (weather): n. mist. Added 1984-1987.

slvi ['sulvi] (plants): n. plant bast fiber. Added 20081230.
Example: slvi'c chrn'fa; snten laslvipisp'n.

smli ['sumli] (kinship): n. boy's (marriageable) female cross-cousin via dn; boy's (marriageable) niece via smi. Added 20081219.

sms ['SUMSU] ['sumsu] (animals): n. rhino beetle, very big bug. Added 20090505.
Example: gktelr yilri - smssp'n.

srmur ['su4m@4] (body): n. sleep. Added 1984-1987.

ss ['susu] (body): n. rest. Added 1984-1987.

-t T [t] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. countable plural for nouns ending in vowels. Added 1984-1987.

t- [T [t] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. past tense (before vowels). Added 1984-1987.

-ta TA] [ta] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. that. Added 20070127.

tch ['tax] (manner): adv. so. Added 1989-1990.

tacl [ta'kwil] (geography): n. hill. Added 1984.

tacla [ta'kwila] (geography): n. hummock, small hill, from tacl, -a. Added 1984.

tacliel [TA'CILIL] [ta'kwiliEl] (geography): n. island, from tacl, lil. Added 20121202.

tacil [takwi'lu] (geography): n. mountain, from tacl, -. Added 1984.

tf ['TAF ['taf] (plants): n. pussywillow bush. See also d. Added 198604.

tga ['taga] (together and apart): v. connect (to something or someone). Added 20090105.
Example: jatgap'a fldili na-dierifp..

tgai ['TAGAI] ['tagai] (together and apart): adj. connected, from tga, -i. Added 1989-1990.

tagia gkhattifi [ta'gaja guxa'tatifi] (artifacts): n. Internet connection, from tagia, gkha. Added 20070802.
Example: calatfia spmg tagiali gkhattifi.

tagia [TA'GAIA] [ta'gaja] (school and work): n. connection, Internet; also tagfia, from tgai, -a. Added 1998.

tagpia [ta'gapia] (school and work): n. conn'r. tagpia ladafinn: router, from tga, -pi, -a. Added 1998.

tagaty [TA'GEATY] [ta'geati] (language): n. language, from tga, aty. Added 19991028.

tagatykes [TA'GEATYKS [ta'geatikEs] (language): n. word, morpheme, from tagaty, -kes. Added 20030603.

tagkh [tagu'ax] (artifacts): n. the Net, from tagia gkhattifi. Added 20070802.

tk ['take] (plants): n. iris plant. Added 198604.

tla ['tala] (motion): v. walk, go by walking. Added 20000330.

talfia [ta'lafia] (motion): n. footstep, path, from tla, -fi, -a. Added 20040203.

tm ['tame] (artifacts): n. window. Added 20040815.

tan [tan] (comparisons): adv. only. Added 1989-1990.

tna ['tana] (plants): n. grass. Added 198604.

tpri ['tap4i] (interactions): v. to care for, to tend. Added 20080420.

tred ['ta4Ed] (people): n. martial artist. Added 1989-1990.

tri ['ta4i] (motion): v. fly. Added 20020507.

tarri [ta'rai] (emotions): n. flying freedom. Added 1984-1987.

-tt 'TAT] ['tat] (artifacts): v., suff. craft something of X material; use to make something. -t is used after consonants, -tt after vowels. Added 20070417.

tatla [ta'tala] (motion): v. run, loosely from tla. Added 20000330.

tva ['tava] (having): v. give, give something to someone. Added 20000509.

-t TE] [te] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. 3rd p. p. (they). Added 1984-1987.

t- [TE [te] (grammar, verbs): part., pref. past tense (before consonants). Added 1984-1987.

t [TE] [te] (grammar): conj. and. Added 1984-19860316.

t ['TE] ['te] (language): v. to say (something). Added 20030507.

te- [T [tE] (numbers): num., pref. indicates second place value in a Mayan-like number structure; multiplies the following number by 20, from tps. Added 20081213.

tct [te'akto] (artifacts): v. create, make from nothing, think up. Added 1984-1987.

tstt [te'astot] (people): n. creator, from tct, -s--t. Added 20100124.

tb [TB ['tEb] (plants): n. flower of the shrubby cinquefoil, Dasiphora fruticosa. See also lba. Added 1984-1987.

tca ['tEkwa] (change): v. to end. Added 20000221.

tecpia [T'CAPIA] [tE'kwapia] (change): n. ending, finale, from tca, -pi, --a. Added 20000221.

tccla [tet'sela] (motion): v. lead (walking, going in a line), from -ts, gla. See also sorgla. Added 20081118.

tden ['tEdEn] (time): v. to await, to wait. Added 20060302.

tedsa [tE'dosa] (numbers): num. three hundred, from te-, dsa. Added 1984-1987.

tfia ['TEFIA] ['tefia] (language): n. word, saying, speech, promise, from t, -fi, -a. Added 20030529.

tfit [tefi'at] (language): v. to compose a speech; to craft something of spoken words. Added 20070417.

tkshe ['tEkSE] (perception): n. spicy scent (cinnamon, sandalwood). Added 20070815.

tlch [TLX ['tElx] (calendar): n. month one. Added 1984-1987.

teln [tE'lEn] (numbers): num. eighty, from te-, ln. Added 20070802.

tel [T'LI] [tE'li] (animals): n. an insect's antenna. Added 20070912.

tlki ['tElki] (perception): adj. vision-related. Added 1984-1987.

tlki ['tElkie] (perception): n. vision, revelation, dream, hallucination. Added 1984-1987.

tm ['tEm] (pronouns): pron. 3rd p. p. (they). Added 1984.

tmita ['tEmita] (animals): n. short for tmitata. Added 20040806.

tmitata ['TMITATA] ['tEmitata] (animals): n. deer, loosely from tatalpia latmyisn. Added 20000330.

tmpe ['tEmpE] (plants): n. columnar blue flower; mrchi bluebells. Added 198604.

tn ['tene] (location): v. to camp (somewhere). Added 20040322.

tnfia [TE'NEFIA] [te'nefia] (location): n. campsite, from tn, -fi, -a. Added 20040322.

tnrk ['ten4ek] (artifacts): n. pen, pencil ("writer"), from trk, -n-. Added 20090107.

-tep TP [tEp] (adpositions): adp., suff. before (temporal). See also -hla. Added 20090101.

tepn [tE'pon] (numbers): num. forty, from te-, pn. Added 1984-1987.

tps ['tEpse] (numbers): num. twenty. Added 1984-1987.

tpsdslt [TPSE'DASLOT ['tEpse'daslot] (animals): n. many-legged creature or thing; centipede, from tps, dl, -s--t. Added 20090223.

tpsty [TPSETY] ['tEpseti] (calendar): n. month (twenty-day), from tps. Added 20070804.

tra ['te4a] (motion): v. go a certain way, go by a route, travel. See also vr. Added 1984-1987.

trfia [te'4afia] (motion): n. road, route, from tra, -fi, -a. Added 20000221.

trc ['te4k] (language): v. record, write. Added 1984-1987.

trcvia [te4'kwavia] (location): n. library, loosely from trn, probably. Added 1989-1990.

tercp [tE4'kwEp] (mind): n. wisdom. Added 1984-1987.

tercpi [tE4'kwEpi] (mind): adj. wise, knowing, loosely from trc, -pi. Added 1984-1987.

trcfia lfin [te4'kwifia 'lifi'ano] (geography): n. map "writing of places?". Added 20000221.

trcifit [te4kwifi'at] (language): v. to compose an essay; to craft something of written words. Added 20070417.

tren ['tE4En] (mind): v. know. Added 1984-1987.

trena ['te4Ena] (mind): n. knowledge, from tren. Added 1984-1987.

trn gkhattifi [te'4in guxa'tatifi] (artifacts): n. computer, "wire book", from trn, gkha. Added 20070802.

tern [tE'4in] (language): n. book, loosely from trk, "write". Added 1984-1987.

trt ['te4te] (language): n. alphabet. Added 1984-1987.

-ts TES [tes] (adpositions): adp., suff. in front of, from . See also -sor. Added 20081118.

tsa ['tesa] (space): n. front side of something. Added 20081118.

tesn [tE'san] (numbers): num. one hundred, from te-, sn. Added 20070802.

teshji [tE'SoZi] (numbers): num. two hundred, from te-, shji. Added 1984-1987.

tt ['TT] ['tEt] (emotions): n. hatred. Added 1984-1987.

tt ['tete] (time): adv. already. Added 20030529.

ttna [te'tena] (kinship): n. boy's mother's older sister, from tyi. Added 20081219.

tti ['teti] (cosmos): n. star (informal). See also tytitpia. Added 1984-1987.

tetr [tE'tO4] (numbers): num. sixty, from te-, tr. Added 1984-1987.

tety [tE'tju] (emotions): v. to hate. Added 1984-1987.

tvi ['TVI] ['tEvi] (comparisons): adj. paradoxical; specifically, a quality emerging from its opposite. Added 20090331.
Example: ta tvi: light arising from darkness, hallucinatory lights or stars. pasia tvi: static dynamism, motion in stillness. khian tvi: the povery of prosperity. diria tvi: the plenty of simplicity.).

tyna [te'jena] (kinship): n. boy's maternal grandmother, from tyi. Added 20081219.

thshav ['TESave] (plants): n. forsithia bush. See also fsh. Added 198604.

thn ['THN] ['TOn] (shapes): n. right angle. Added 20090107.

thni ['TOni] (shapes): adj. blocky, stepped, from thn, -i. Added 20090107.

thl ['THUL ['Tul] (geography): n. island. Added 20121203.

td ['TID ['tid] (interactions): v. to help. Added 1984-1987.

tidfia [ti'defia] (school and work): n. customer, one who is helped. Added 1998.

tidlri [TID'LERI] [tid'le4i] (emotions): v. feel helpful, from td, lri. Added 20070127.

tla ['tila] (wh-words): n. conditions, manner, circumstances. Added 1984-1987.

tls ['tils] (emotions): n. strength of spirit. Added 1984-1987.

tnab ['tinab] (location): n. a holy place, a place inhabited by a spirit. Added 1984-1987.

tnc ['tinkwe] (weather): n. lightning. Added 1984-1987.

tnid ['tinide] (mind): v. to remember. Added 1984-1987.

trrde ['TIRD] ['tirdE] (animals): n. bird. Added 1984-19860316.

tta ['tita] (light effects): v. to sparkle. Added 1984.

-t TO] [to] (adpositions): adp., suff. along, beside. Added 20000330.

-t TO] [to] (grammar, verbs): pron., suff. those. Added 20070127.

tca ['TOCA] ['tokwa] (animals): n. hoof. Added 20070914.

tcl ['tokle] (wh-words): adv. at a different time. Added 20040811.

tds [TO'DISO] [to'diso] (space): v. be located beside, from -t, ds. Added 20050122.

tdisd [TODISO'DA] [todiso'da] (space): v. place aside, from tds, -d. Added 20050122.

tfli ['TOFLI] ['tofli] (wh-words): adv. elsewhere; at a different place from; a different place, loosely from t-, fli. Added 20081208.

thlir ['TOHLIR] ['toKi4] (wh-words): adv. for a different reason; because of something else. Added 20140311.

tho ['tohO] (wh-words): adv. therefore. Added 20040815.

tia ['toja] (comparisons): adv. as. Added 1984-1987.

tl- [TOL [tol] (comparisons): adj., pref. long (physically). See also pa-. Added 20070827.

tla ['tola] (wh-words): adj. what. Added 1989-1990.

tlic ['tolik] (wh-words): adv. by a different force. Added 20081208.

tlic ['TOLIC ['tolik] (adpositions): adp. until. Added 1984-1987.

tl [to'lio] (wh-words): adj. what, which; demonstrative pronoun, and relative pronoun. Added 1984-19860316.

tlis ['tolis] (wh-words): adv. by a different method. Added 20081208.

tm ['tom] (comparisons): n. part. Added 1989-1990.

tmli ['tomli] (wh-words): adj. another. Added 20070802.

tmli ['tomlio] (wh-words): n. the other thing, a different thing. Added 20040811.

tni ['toni] (physical): v. blow; metaphorically, to happen, transpire, be going on in this moment. Added 1989-1990.

tnid [TONI'DA] [toni'da] (physical): v. blow (something) away, from tni, -d. Added 20020421.

tp [TO'PA] [to'pa] (animals): n. a fish's tail. Added 20070914.

tpat ['topat] (space): v. to extend. Added 20060302.

tpm ['topem] (wh-words): pron. the other person, a different person. Added 20040811.

tr [TR] ['tO4] (numbers): num. three. Added 1984-1987.

tr [to'4a] (change): v. to begin. Added 1984-1987.

trc ['tO4kwe] (artifacts): n. a stake. Added 20000330.

trk ['TRKU] ['tO4kju] (shapes): n. triangle, from tr, k. Added 20090107.

tron ['tO4On] (perception): n. reek, stench, extremely unpleasant (and usually strong) smell of waste or death. Added 20070815.

tt ['TOTO] ['toto] (artifacts): n. ball, sphere. Added 20130806.

ttn [TOT'UN] [to'tun] (plants): n. bulb (root of a plant), from tt, n. Added 20130806.

tvr [to've4] (motion): v. move along, go along next to, follow (as a river), from -t, vr. Added 20090705.

-tra TRA] [t4a] (adpositions): adp., suff. between. Added 20000221.

trahartt [TRAAR'TETE] [t4aha4'tete] (interactions): v. interact, from -tra, artt. Added 20020421.

traharttpia [TRAAR'TETEPIA] [t4aha4te'tepia] (interactions): n. interaction, from -tra, artt, -pi, -a. Added 20020421.

trahvi [t4a'hovi] (comparisons): adj. heavy, slumbrous. Added 1984-1987.

tr [T'RO] [t'4o] (artifacts): v. weave. Added 1984-1987.

trbet [t'4ubEt] (portentousness): n. omens. Added 1984-1987.

tm ['TUM ['tum] (artifacts): n. drum. Added 20040809.

tmla ['tumula] (portentousness): n. rndlia. Added 1984-1987.

t- ['TY ['ti] (spirit): part., pref. signifies reverence. Added 1984-1987.

ta ['TYA] ['tia] (cosmos): n. light. Added 1984.

tacit ['tiakwit] (plants): n. crocuses. Added 198604.

tyi [t'jai] (comparisons): adj. light. Added 1984-1987.

takes ['TYAKS ['tiakEs] (cosmos): n. color "piece of light", from ta, -kes. Added 20020905.

tyala [TYA'LEA] [tia'lea] (animals): n. butterfly ("color-wing"), from ta, ala. See also sachila. Added 20090101.
Example: tyalan sthanba narifp't.

tyli [t'jali] (comparisons): adj. true "with light". Added 20030529.

tasma ['tia'sima] (cosmos): n. rainbow, from ta, sma. Added 1984-1987.

tasimi ['tiasi'mai] (cosmos): adj. rainbowlike. Added 1984-1987.

tycl [ti'kwale] (religion): v. to perform a sacrifice, from ty-, cl. Added 1984-19860316.

tch ['tix] (portentousness): n. magic. Added 1984-1987.

tchi ['tixi] (portentousness): adj. magic. Added 1984-1987.

tycilit [tikwili'te] (interactions): v. honor in a sacred way, from ty-, cilit. Added 20070127.

tg ['TYG ['tig] (plants): n. wildflower glossed as "blue stars". Added 198604.

-tl 'TYL ['til] (comparisons): adj., suff. a good X (after vowels), loosely from tli. -atl is used after consonants, -tl after vowels. See also -dl. Added 20070824.

tylakp [tila'kEp] (language): v. to receive happily, to receive well; used in written closings. Added 20061231.
Example: tylakhlp'f - may you (pl.) receive it well.

tlch ['tilx] (spirit): n. goddess, divine being. Added 1984-19860316.

tlchi ['tilxi] (spirit): adj. goddesslike, divine, from tlch, -i. Added 1984-1987.

tylaty [TY'LEATY] [ti'leati] (spirit): n. spirit. Added 1984-1987.

tli ['tili] (comparisons): adj. good. Added 20070824.

tlici ['tilikwi] (body): adj. healthy. Added 20040203.

tylcia [ti'likwia] (body): n. health, from tlici, -a. Added 20070127.

tlya ['tilja] (mind): n. mental clarity. Added 1984-1987.

tymla [TY'MALA] [ti'mala] (interactions): v. intervene on someone's behalf without being asked; bestow a favor upon someone; support someone's efforts. See also dmla. Added 20110718 .

tymmr [ti'mam4] (people): n. mother. Added 20040203.

typp [ti'pape] (people): n. father. Added 20040203.

tpatat ['tipatate] (religion): v. to pray, from ty-, ptat. Added 20030529.

tra ['ti4a] (emotions): n. happiness, joy. Added 20040815.

trai ['ti4ai] (emotions): adj. happy, joyful, from tra, -i. Added 20040815.

trais ['ti4aiso] (emotions): v. to be happy, to be joyful, from tra, -i, -s. Added 20040815.

tyraisd [TYRAISO'DA] [ti4aiso'da] (emotions): v. make happy, make joyful, from tra, -i, -s, -d. Added 20040815.

tri ['ti4i] (comparisons): adj. the right way, correct. See also dri. Added 20070127.

tria ['ti4ia] (emotions): n. righteousness, from tri, -a. Added 20070127.

tytva [ti'tava] (interactions): v. bless, give good fortune, from ty-, tva. See also dtva. Added 20070127.

tytavfia [TYTA'VAFIA] [tita'vafia] (spirit): n. blessing, good fortune given, from tytva, -fi, -a. Added 20070127.

ttel ['titElu] (artifacts): n. gem, jewel ("bright-stone"). Added 20030507.

tts ['tites] (people): n. leader. Added 1989-1990.

tytitpia [TYTI'TAPIA] [titi'tapia] (cosmos): n. star ("sparkler"; formal or religious speech), from ty-, tta, -p, -i, -a. See also tti. Added 1984-1987.

tytv [ti'tiv] (location): n. paradise, heaven, immaterial world, from t-, -tv. See also ddv. Added 1984-1990.

ttiv ['titiv] (location): n. wilderness (new meaning?). Added 20000221.

ttren ['tit4En] (spirit): n. belief, sacred knowledge, from ty-, trena. Added 20081118.

tvi ['tivi] (comparisons): adj. nice. Added 1989-1990.

- 'U] ['u] (grammar, nouns): part., suff. augmentive. Added 1984.

char ['UXAR] ['uxa4] (calendar): n. month six. Added 1984-19860316.

chr ['uxe4] (artifacts): n. cord or braid. Added 20070417.

chra ['ux4a] (artifacts): n. thread. Added 20070417.

chrt [ux'4at] (artifacts): v. to craft something of cord. Added 20070417.

chratt [ux4a'tat] (artifacts): v. to craft something of thread. Added 20070417.

chr [ux'4u] (artifacts): n. rope. Added 20070417.

gol ['ugOl] (geography): n. west. Added 20020421.

l- [UL [ul] (comparisons): adj., pref. difficult, hard, tough. Added 20070824.

lcm [ul'kom] (comparisons): n. hard thing, difficult thing, from l-, cm. Added 20080424.

lia U'LEIA] [u'leja] (comparisons): n. difficulty, from l-, s, -i, -a. Added 20080424.

n ['N] ['@n] (pronouns): pron. 3rd p. s. (it). Added 1984.

n ['UN] ['un] (plants): n. root, the root of a plant; also blood vessel. Added 20130806.

na 'UNA] ['una] (plants): n. rootlet, filamentous root; capillary, from n, -a. Added 20130806.

n U'NU] [u'nu] (plants): n. taproot, main root of a plant; also major artery or vein, from n, -. Added 20130806.

pla ['upla] (kinship): n. girl's (marriageable) male cross-cousin via sismi. Added 20081219.

r ['R] ['@4] (artifacts): n. iron. Added 20080322.

urtt [@4'tat] (artifacts): v. to forge. Added 1984-1987.

shla ['uSla] (body): n. hair, from sl. Added 20070914.

-v V [v] (grammar, verbs): part., suff. perfective aspect (after vowels). Added 1984-1987.

va- [VA [va] (grammar, verbs): adv., pref. for a long time; unlike , means long in a going-forward sense. Added 20091129.
Example: endn cilvpia, na-cltirisp'n, vatdeniac'fa ankln'n.

vaklda [va'kjoleda] (interactions): v. save, rescue, from -ba, kl, -d. Added 20081118.

vam [va'me] (plants): n. vinca blossom. See also mba. Added 198604.

vrn ['va4n] (artifacts): n. a ship. Added 20060302.

vrth ['va4T] (geography): n. south. Added 1984-1987.

vnr ['VENER] ['vene4] (motion): n. vehicle, transport, cart, from vr, -n-. Added 20110630 .

vr ['VER] ['ve4] (motion): v. go, travel in space; refers to a change in location without consideration of the manner of going; may be used metaphorically for decision or action. See also gla. Added 1984-1987.

vrd [ve4'da] (motion): v. propel, throw, drive, send, from vr, -d. Added 20040815.

vrlr [VER'LER] [ve4'le4] (motion): v. move over or in water; swim, sail, from vr, lr. Added 20111215.

vil [vi'El] (geography): n. city; place, habitation; settlement of humans. Added 1984.

vila [vi'Ela] (geography): n. village, small town, from vil, -a. Added 1984.

viel [viE'lu] (geography): n. country, kingdom, nation, from vil, -. Added 1984.

-vin VIN] [vin] (adpositions): adp., suff. for. Added 1984-1987.

vinartt [VINAR'TETE] [vina4'tete] (interactions): v. support, champion, from -vin, artt. Added 20001006.

vta ['vita] (location): n. hall. Added 20040809.

vti ['viti] (having): v. take (from), abduct, catch, snatch. Added 20040203.

v ['VO] ['vo] (pronouns): pron. 2nd p. p. (you). Added 20020421.

-v VU] [vu] (mental): v., suff. to find something to be X; when passive, to seem to be X (after vowels). -v is used after vowels, -v after consonants. Added 20070904.
Example: artlarafsav: to find to be laughable; cshmltv: to find to be easy.

yi- [YI [ji] (grammar, verbs): adv., pref. signifies doing to completion. Added 20020421.

yilacli [YI'ALACLI] [ji'alakli] (comparisons): adj. youngest, from yi-, lacli. Added 1989-1990.

yic [ji'kwe] (mind): v. to study, to master, from yi-, kicp. Added 20080424.

yihla [ji'hala] (change): v. complete, finish; do in full, from yi-, hla. Added 20040321.

yiladad [YILA'DADA] [jilada'da] (physical): v. wash completely away, from yi-, ladad. Added 20020421.

yilri [YI'LIRI] [ji'li4i] (comparisons): adj. most, loosely from yi-, lryi. Added 1984-1987.

yinra [YI'NURA] [ji'nu4a] (perception): v. find, from yi-, nra. Added 20040811.

yr ['YIR] ['ji4] (comparisons): n. all, everything. Added 1984-1987.

yirdr [YIR'DUR] [ji4'du4] (emotions): v. stress over everything, from yr, -dr. Added 20070816.
Example: yirdria calmdki: PMS; yirdria mmi: anxiety of being a mom.

yirhca [YIR'HACA] [ji4'hakwa] (physical): v. burn up, from yir-, hca. Added 20020421.

yirhacad [YIRHACA'DA] [ji4hakwa'da] (physical): v. burn (something) up, from yr, hca, -d. Added 20020421.

yir [YI'RI] [ji'4i] (comparisons): adj. all, from yr, -i. Added 1989-1990.

yrkes ['ji4kEs] (comparisons): n. some, some amount, from yr, -kes. Added 20000330.

-yis [jis] (grammar, nouns): deriv., suff. "mass of", noun derivation. Added 20000330.

yishr [YI'SHIR] [ji'Si4] (change): v. grow up, mature, from yi-, shr. Added 20040321.

yisr [YI'SIRO] [ji'si4o] (change): v. finish making, complete, from yi-, sr. Added 20040321.

yskesi ['YISKSI] ['jiskEsi] (comparisons): adj. every, each, from -yis, -kes. Added 20000330.

yitnid [YITONI'DA] [jitoni'da] (physical): v. blow completely away, from yi-, tnid. Added 20020421.

rial ['i4ial] (spirit): n. spiritual essence. Added 1984-1987.

t- ['YT ['it] (grammar, verbs): adv., pref. may (optative mood). Added 1984-1987.

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