Copied from 3 pages, probably comprising two stages, but rather confusing as to which came when.

First page

A torn-in-half page from a spiralbound notebook (the kind that also has holes for a 3-ring binder), the back side of the page where I invented "zhirr" and "telkien". Layout is as close to how it was laid out on the page as I can make it. used to represent an n with a Kesh doubled-letter mark over it.

ending in vowels
would-if mode
l'ep'aep'a dicI miss you
l'en'aen'a dicI missed you
l - ifw'e'ak'e'a dicI'll miss you
l'ev'aev'a dicI've missed you
r'e'at'e'a dicI'd " "
w'ev'ak'ev'aI'll've " "
should-proper mode
dai - positiveg'en'a
daila - properd'ev'a

Second page

From the same notebook as the first page, but seems to have more in common with the third page. Again, laid out as closely as possible to the handwritten page.

end in l, s-type, v, n, m, p, b
l - to seewould-ifshould
I seeln'al'ln'ad'ln'a
I have seenl'al'l'ad'l'a
k'ln'aI'll seek'l'aw'l'ag'l'a
I'll've seenk'l'aw'l'ag'l'a
t'ln'aI sawt'l'ar'l'ath'l'a
I had seent'l'ar'l'ath'l'a


end in vowels
enn - to misswould-ifshould
I missennp'al'ennp'ad'ennp'a
ennn'aI've missedennv'al'ennv'ad'ennv'a
k'ennp'aI'll missk'enn'aw'enn'ag'enn'a
k'ennn'aI'll've missedk'ennv'aw'ennv'ag'ennv'a
t'ennp'aI missedt'enn'ar'enn'ath'enn'a
t'ennn'aI'd missedt'ennv'ar'ennv'ath'ennv'a


Third page

On pulpy wide-ruled paper from a top-bound notebook, but seems to be a continuation of the second page, except that it seems not to have been subject to the corrections made in the left-hand margin of the second page, and also it has the endings in the conjugation at the bottom rubbed out and changed to the forms shown, which were never used.

td - to helpwould-ifshould
I helptd'al'td'ad'td'a
I've helpedtden'al'tden'ad'tden'a
I'll helpki'td'aw'td'ag'td'a
I'll've helpedki'tden'aw'tden'ag'tden'a
I helpedt'td'ar'td'ath'td'a
I had helpedt'tden'ar'tden'ath'tden'a
end in d, t, f, g, k, r, ch, j


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Last updated: 4/18/2002