mrchi grammar notes

The grammar defaults to English-like unless otherwise specified.

Mrchi features postpositional phrases (just like prepositional only backwards). Overall sentence structure is SOV, and adjectives follow the noun.

Verbs take a tense or mood prefix, an aspect suffix, and a pronoun/agreement suffix. Pronouns can either be suffixed to verbs (if they are the subject of the sentence or are agreeing with a noun in subject position) or can occur elsewhere with an accusative or postpositional suffix. If the sentence appears to have no subject, the subject is the pronoun on the verb.

The relative pronoun na, if it is the subject of the subclause, becomes a prefix to the verb; otherwise it stands alone and can take case suffixes and postpositions.

New words created for this ring:

yisr to finish making
hla to do, yihla to complete
gs pig
nics sword
bnt, to hit
franic, to break, to cut apart
yishr grow up
nri to become