The Ninth Conlang Relay - Ring 3

Or, The Borromean Relay

Results of Ring 3:

Klingon, translated by Philip Newton.
Uatakassi, by Nik Taylor.
Darynese, by Rebecca Harbison.
Kamakawi, by David Peterson.
Germanech, by Jrg Rhiemeier.
Sturnan, by Christopher Wright.
Okaikiar, by Mark J. Reed.
Atlantic, by Muke Tever.
Livagian, by And Rosta.
narethanaal, by nicole dobrowolski.
Skuodian, by Pavel Iosad.
Taruven, by taliesin the storyteller.
Cenlatorre, by Amber.
Tæĺf, by Jonathan North Washington.
mërèchi, by Amanda Babcock.

Last updated: 2004/03/28